Breaking Down The Title Track Of Mark Modarelli ’s New EP: By Any Other Name

Breaking Down The Title Track Of Mark Modarelli ’s New EP: By Any Other Name

Mark Modarelli recently dropped his new EP By Any Other Name, including the title track; a captivating exploration of the intricate relationship between language and reality. Delving into the profound influence words hold over our perceptions, beliefs, and interactions, the artist who has a background spanning decades as an English Language and Literature educator, crafts a thought-provoking narrative that traverses the realms of linguistics, philosophy, and human behavior.

As Modarelli explains, the song emerged from years of deep thought, taking shape in his thoughts while he grappled with the intricacies of language in both scholarly environments and moments of self-reflection. The lyrics include references from literature, finding inspiration from revered figures like Shakespeare and Shelley, icons of the English literary world. The expression “By Any Other Name,” highlights the intriguing idea that changing a name doesn’t change what something fundamentally is.

In an era marked by fervent linguistic debates and attempts to control language, Modarelli‘s song challenges the notion that words singularly possess the power to mold truth. He adeptly underscores the futility of coercing conformity and emphasizes the internal nature of conviction. The chorus encapsulates the core of genuine belief: a steadfast assurance untouched by external validation.

“By Any Other Name” resonates on myriad levels, provoking listeners to examine their own rapport with language, beliefs, and the pursuit of self-assurance. The track emerges as an anthem for discovering inner resilience, transcending the need for external affirmation, and embracing the profound wisdom that authentic conviction arises from within, rather than relying on external support. 

Listen to By Any Other Name below:

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