‘Elsbeth’ Star Carra Patterson Reacts to Season 2 Renewal: ‘It’s a Relief’ (Exclusive)

‘Elsbeth’ Star Carra Patterson Reacts to Season 2 Renewal: ‘It’s a Relief’ (Exclusive)

While The Good Wife spinoff Elsbeth only returned earlier this month after going on hiatus immediately following its series premiere in late February, CBS has renewed Elsbeth for Season 2. Star Carra Patterson, who portrays Officer Kaya Blanke, spoke to PopCulture.com about the renewal, which came as the series has been getting high praise and viewership, with a 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Patterson admitted that “it’s a relief” knowing that Elsbeth is officially coming back. She continued, “Listen, this industry is so unpredictable so we were thrilled to hear the ratings were good and thrilled that people are loving it, but it is not official until it’s official. So we were still very nervous and unsure of what was going to happen, but we found out that we were getting a season two pickup in the middle of filming the last day. It was crazy because the first half of the day started out very somber. We were all kind of sad things were coming to an end. And then around lunchtime, we were like, ‘Yeah, it’s a party. We all have jobs,’ so it’s great news.”

(Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS)

Even despite many people talking about Elsbeth and the series doing well, it really could have gone in either direction, as no show is safe until it’s actually safe. It was only one of two new shows to debut on CBS this season, alongside hit drama Tracker which was previously renewed. However, now that a Season 2 is certain, Patterson is not the only one that doesn’t need to hold her breath, and it definitely feels good to know that Elsbeth and co. will be returning.

Even though Elsbeth is still airing its first season, with the Season 1 finale airing on May 16, Carra Patterson has some ideas about where the story will go for Kaya and everyone else in Season 2. “I’m just hoping that we continue to go deeper,” she shared. “There’s so much that you have to kind of establish in the first season, just setting the tone of the show and setting the world of the show. And I think the writers, our showrunner, Jonathan Tolins, set up some really cool things for Kaya, her being a reality Stan, and her really cool, eclectic, vintage apartment. And I’m hoping we get to dive more into Kaya’s personal life in Season 2.”

There is much to look forward to in these remaining episodes of Elsbeth, including the investigation into Captain Wagner that could spell trouble for Elsbeth and Kaya’s friendship, but fans will just have to tune in on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS to see what happens. The Season 1 finale airs on Thursday, May 16, and Season 2 will hopefully be coming later this year.


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