Dylan Schneider Talks New ‘Bad Decisions’ EP (Exclusive)

Dylan Schneider Talks New ‘Bad Decisions’ EP (Exclusive)

Country star Dylan Schneider has been working on new music for the past year and he’s now released a brand new EP, Bad Decisions, named for his hit single of the same name. PopCulture.com had a chance to chat with Schneider about the new project, and he gave us some insight into how it came together.

“This one’s been cool because it wasn’t like we set out initially like, ‘Let’s create a project or an EP.’ It kind of began a couple of years ago,” he told us exclusively. “Whenever ‘Ain’t Missin’ You’ came out, I was first teasing that on social media and didn’t really have a plan or anything. We just knew we needed to put songs out. So, it kind of began there and we went in and recorded that song after it had its little moment and caught fire on social media, and we cut that and ‘Bad Decisions’ at the same time, but we didn’t really know when we wanted to put out ‘Bad Decisions.'”

“It was sitting around for a while,” Schneider continued. “We played it for a whole year, I feel like, almost, on tour with Nico Moon. Then we did some shows at the end of last year and we played it and we were like, ‘Dude, we should put out this song.’ That was kind of when the whole idea of maybe we should put a project, because we had released ‘Daddy Drinks Whiskey’ just before that, which I was excited to get out.

“Then the Nate Smith tour was just so good to put it out in tandem with that and it went over so well,” Scheider explained. “We had those three songs out and then so many songs sitting around that we’ve been excited about [and] we were like, ‘Well, let’s just cut a few more and then put together a project,’ and that’s how it got to this point. 

Schneider explained that the remaining songs on the new EP were just recorded within the past month, rounding out the new project. “Each song obviously has its own little story and means something to me in different ways,” he said.

Noting the three new songs he cut — “Ruin This Town,” “Carhartt,” and “Buy That Girl a Beer” — Schneider said, “They’re all kind of in their own lane. One’s about heartbreak and despair, and it goes a little bit harder with Ruin This Town. Then you have ‘Carhartt,’ that I think is going to be such a fun summer jam, like windows down, out on the boat.”

“‘Buy That Girl a Beer I think is a cool, pretty song that has a lot of potential and it’s just special,” he added. “So they’re all special and they all came together so well, and it’s kind of just a sneak peek at what’s to come in hopefully a larger project later on in the year or early next year.”

Click here to listen to Bad Decisions at your preferred streaming service, and click here all of Schneider’s upcoming tour dates. Keep it locked to Pop Culture.com for more of our interview with Dylan Schneider!


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