Tylan Gets Real With “Won’t Get It…”

Tylan Gets Real With “Won’t Get It…”

Forget sugar-coated pop anthems. Washington, D.C.’s rising star, Tylan, is here to drop truth bombs. Steeped in the city’s rich history and carrying the legacy of his blues-pioneering great-grandmother, Tylan’s music isn’t afraid to get gritty. Imagine streetwise rhymes laced with introspective confessions, all set to a pulsating hip-hop beat—that’s Tylan’s sound.

His story starts nestled within D.C.’s vibrant arts scene. Early days singing gospel in church choirs planted the seeds of his passion, which was later nurtured by sharpening his skills at Howard University theater camps. Remember that “Most Likely to Be an R&B Singer” award from middle school? It wasn’t just a childhood dream; it was a calling Tylan embraced wholeheartedly.

But Tylan‘s life isn’t a one-track melody. Juggling academics, athletics, and music might sound like a recipe for chaos, but his dedication remains unwavering. He’s a natural leader, fostering creative spaces where collaboration thrives and genuine connections pave the way for artistic growth.

This collaborative spirit spills over into his music. Ditch the manufactured pop persona; Tylan prioritizes authenticity. His lyrics are his story, raw and unfiltered, delving into the complexities of his own experiences. Artists like Usher, Brent Faiyaz, and Drake inspire him, not just for their sound but for their commitment to weaving honest narratives through their music.

Won’t Get It…” isn’t a party anthem for the weekend. It’s a stripped-down confession, a raw exploration of navigating challenges and embracing vulnerability. Forget catchy hooks; these lyrics pack a punch. They lay bare his journey with therapy, internal battles, and the ever-present question of trust. The haunting chorus loops back, a constant reminder of self-preservation while acknowledging the human desire for connection.

“Who can I trust? / When trust ain’t enough,” he raps, a line that hangs heavy in the air. It’s a sentiment anyone who’s ever been betrayed can relate to. But amidst the vulnerability, there’s a flicker of hope. “Maybe there’s a purpose I can’t see,” he ponders, acknowledging the potential for growth even in the face of darkness.

“Won’t Get It…” makes listeners reflect on their own paths, fostering empathy and understanding. As Tylan continues to evolve, one thing remains constant: his unwavering commitment to creating music that speaks truth to power, leaving a lasting impression that lingers long after the last beat fades.

Listen to Tylan’s latest below:

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