Benjamin III ’s New EP Wounds Charts A Soulful Path

Benjamin III ’s New EP Wounds Charts A Soulful Path

Benjamin III, the talented musician behind the EP Wounds has created a powerful collection of songs that seek to inspire healing and catharsis through music. Drawing from personal experiences and emotions, the record resonates with listeners on a profound level. In a recent interview, the artist revealed that a pivotal moment in his life greatly influenced his latest release. While he was away from home, he received news of his grandmother’s passing, leaving him with a sense of unresolved grief and lack of closure.

His unique sound is a result of blending a diverse range of influences, including jazz, Motown gospel, and contemporary music. Rather than adhering to a strict formula, he allows these styles to naturally emerge during his creative process. Benjamin’s deep understanding and study of these genres allow his artistic expression to flow authentically, resonating with his innate feeling and creativity. 

As a multi-talented virtuoso, Benjamin III puts on multiple hats, such as engineer, producer, and composer. Although, at his core, he identifies himself as an artist above all else. Each role he assumes contributes to his ultimate goal of creating a musical masterpiece on the canvas of a recording software interface. Rather than mastering, he balances them harmoniously to serve his artistic vision. 

Looking ahead, Benjamin is already engaged in new projects and collaborations. Fans can anticipate an exciting array of genres and styles in his future works, including Hip-Hop, Funk, R&B, and Pop, all infused with his signature sound. With his genuine approach to music and commitment to emotional expression, the singer’s future creations are bound to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact on the world of music. Wounds is just the beginning of an extraordinary musical journey for this talented artist.

Listen to the EP below:

Check out the visualizers for “Wounds” & “Wide” here:

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