‘Sexual Harassment, Malicious Defamation and Slander’: Pop Group LE SSERAFIM Takes Action Against ‘Alarming’ Claims

‘Sexual Harassment, Malicious Defamation and Slander’: Pop Group LE SSERAFIM Takes Action Against ‘Alarming’ Claims

Source Music announced in an official statement that they would take strict measures against those spreading malicious posts and false accusations against the K-pop girl group LE SSERAFIM. “First and foremost, we express our deep concern regarding the recent unfortunate occurrences involving the spread of false information, disrespectful remarks, and the mention of other artists’ names without respect on public platforms,” the agency said, per Soompi. “We strongly urge that such occurrences do not repeat in the future.”

The statement added that the actions have led to the circulation of malicious posts and unfounded speculations based on unsubstantiated claims. “We have determined that malicious postings, including indiscriminate insults, the spread of false information, instances of sexual harassment, malicious defamation and slander, and defamation of character against LE SSERAFIM have reached an alarming level,” it continued. 

Moreover, the agency said it would strengthen its legal actions to protect its artists. The statement continued, “The false allegations suggesting that LE SSERAFIM has caused harm to other artists and the presentation of groundless information as established facts to influence public opinion constitute clear instances of spreading false information. Posts containing slander and insults, defamation of the artist’s character, and instances of sexual harassment are all subject to legal action.”

Source Music emphasized its commitment to responding strongly to malicious posts, whether on social media platforms or in online communities. Additionally, its legal affairs hotline actively utilizes tips from fans.

The statement follows the producer of the girl group NewJeans and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin’s comments regarding LE SSERAFIM’s debut being prioritized over NewJeans’ debut under HYBE, of which Source Music is a subsidiary. Min told reporters during a two-hour press conference on Thursday that HYBE forced ADOR not to promote NewJeans before its debut to promote Le Sserafim instead, seven hours after HYBE said it would file a police report for breach of trust, according to Korea Joongang Daily. A tearful Min explained that she “resorted to all of this” because HYBE had pushed NewJeans aside ever since the group’s debut and mistreated her as the girl group’s producer.

Min said she had been on bad terms with HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk since Le Sserafim was released, and the situation worsened throughout NewJeans’ two-year journey. She said the situation erupted when she wrote an internal report demanding change, which was followed by an audit and raid on their office in retaliation.

“I made an internal report, which I hoped would be addressed formally by the company, but so many things have stemmed from there,” she said. “I had to resort to an internal report because they never listened to us,” she said, claiming she could not divulge the document’s contents.

HYBE announced earlier on Thursday that it had found “solid evidence” that Min intended to conspire against its agency and ordered its staff to gather hostile information on the BTS company. Min and the executives discussed specific methods, according to HYBE, including terminating the contracts of the NewJeans members with ADOR and Min’s with HYBE.

Following the conference, HYBE issued a press release refuting all accusations. On Thursday afternoon, the company filed a police report against Min at Yongsan Police Station.


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