Lil Yachty & Busta Rhymes Team Up For Anime-Inspired Google Chrome Commercial

Lil Yachty & Busta Rhymes Team Up For Anime-Inspired Google Chrome Commercial

In a surprising collaboration, Lil Yachty teams up with Busta Rhymes in an anime-inspired Google Chrome commercial. With Busta as his coach, Yachty faces a series of tongue-twisting challenges, eventually mastering a faster flow and leaving his close friends and the “Turn it Up” artist impressed.

The Google Chrome commercial/music video features Lil Yachty embarking on a quest to enhance his rapping abilities after being called out by Lando Norris to rap as fast as he drives. In the commercial, Busta makes a grand entrance to test Lil Yachty’s skills. 

Busta Tests Lil Yachty’s Skills In New Google Chrome Commercial

The rap veteran provides him with verses to emulate, specifically focusing on the rapid-fire delivery similar to Busta’s iconic verse in “Look at Me Now.”

Initially, Lil Yachty stumbles over the tongue-twisting lyrics but gradually improves under the guidance of Busta Rhymes. The Atlanta native’s signature flow kicks in, but Busta takes over to push Lil Yachty to the finish line, showcasing his mentorship and expertise. 

The commercial culminates with Lando Norris acknowledging Yachty’s progress, and breaking the fourth wall, asking the viewers, “Who got the next verse?” 

The commercial’s anime-inspired visuals and its fast-paced editing create an energetic and engaging atmosphere.

In addition to the commercial, Lil Yachty initiated the Chrome Speed Challenge on his official TikTok page. Aspiring rappers have taken up the challenge, creating duets of Yachty’s call to action and showcasing their skills in rapid-fire delivery.

In other news, Lil Yachty recently starred in a surreal commercial to promote his album Let’s Start Here. The skit, released on January 27, features quick cuts, whip pans, and unsettling characters, creating an eerie and suspenseful atmosphere. This previous commercial exemplifies Lil Yachty’s willingness to explore unconventional approaches to promote his music.

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