Joseline Hernandez Hit With 2 More Felony Charges After Brawl With Big Lex

Joseline Hernandez Hit With 2 More Felony Charges After Brawl With Big Lex

Joseline Hernandez faces two additional felony charges following her altercation with Zeus’Joseline’s Cabaret cast member, “Big Lex.” The incident occurred on June 11, 2023, during the Floyd Mayweather and Gotti fight. What unfolded next was a profanity-laden encounter, as the former Love & Hip Hop star violently shoved police officers.

Joseline Hernandez Pleads “Not Guilty”

In a viral video capturing the incident, Hernandez can be seen charging at “Big Lex.” However, the reason behind the confrontation is still unknown.

Due to the severity of her actions, Hernandez appeared in court on August 4, 2023, where an announcement was made that she would face two felony counts of battery on a law enforcement officer. This adds to her existing charge of felony resistance with violence, as well as multiple misdemeanor charges, for which she had previously gone through the booking process. 

Despite the mounting charges against her, Joseline has pleaded not guilty and awaits her next court appearance.

Joseline’s Controversial Career

Joseline Hernandez’s career has been marred by controversy and confrontations. In May 2023, she was involved in a heated altercation with influencer Amber Rose during her time on Season 2 of College Hill. This incident led to Hernandez leaving Alabama State University without obtaining her degree. 

Similarly, in September 2021, she faced backlash for body-shaming comedian Luenell during the mourning period following actor Michael K. Williams’ death.

Boosie Arrested On Gun Charges In San Diego

In a separate incident, Boosie also found himself in legal trouble. In June 2023, he was arrested on gun charges in San Diego, California, while filming a music video. Hernandez and Boosie have proven to be no strangers to controversy and no strangers to the criminal justice system.

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