John Mayer to Launch SiriusXM Channel in November

John Mayer to Launch SiriusXM Channel in November

Hana Gustafson on October 2, 2023

This morning, guitar virtuoso John Mayer announced the launch of his new Sirius XM channel (14), Life With John Mayer, which is expected to be on the airwaves beginning this November. The station will present a mix of the musician’s original music and curated collections of specialty selections intended for each part of the day. 

On Mayer’s official Instagram account, he described the presentation of the forthcoming program as “a real-time channel curated to match the time of day, playing the music you’re most likely to be in the mood for.” The aforementioned comment preluded a list of occasions best suited for turning up the radio and delving into a specialty mix of music. 

“Driving to work in the morning? I’ll be playing high energy “let’s make today great” music. Studying or unwinding on a weeknight? Tune in to hear music to focus and relax to. Headed out on a Friday night? Got you. Sunday morning breakfast? Ditto. Saturday night Dinner parties, and late night love on the weekend? You’ll hear the right music for the moment,” Mayer added, giving examples of the opportune time for listening. 

Before concluding his list of ideas for optimal content consumption, the guitarist tacked on, “There’s even going to be programming designed to help you fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning. You’ll hear my music, the music I love, my thoughts and insights, and lots of other surprises to come. I’ll be posting updates as I continue to bring LIFE to life. Ooh, this is gonna be *fun*…”

Scroll down to view Mayer’s announcement via Instagram.

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