Xdinary Heroes Unleash Explosive Debut Album ‘Troubleshooting’ (Exclusive)

Xdinary Heroes Unleash Explosive Debut Album ‘Troubleshooting’ (Exclusive)

Xdinary Heroes, the rising South Korean rock band, has taken the next major step in their rapidly ascending career with the release of their highly anticipated first full-length studio albumTroubleshooting. The hard-hitting 10-track album showcases the six-member group’s signature explosive sound and profound lyricism, solidifying their place as one of the most multifaceted rock acts to emerge from the K-pop scene. 

After making waves with their acclaimed 2021 debut single “Happy Death Day” and a series of critically praised EPs like Hello, world!, Overload and Deadlock, band members Gun-il (drums), Jungsu (keyboards), Gaon (guitarist and rapper), O.de (keyboards, synths and rapper), Jun Han (guitarist), and Jooyeon (vocals and bass) aim to elevate their artistry even further with “Troubleshooting,” an immersive body of work that encapsulates their musical evolution and dynamic storytelling abilities.

PopCulture spoke to the band about their new album, their opinion of K-pop, and their future as a musical act. According to the band, the album’s concept and themes encompass Xdinary Heroes’ past and future, as well as some literalism to boot.

“The album contains songs that are very different in flavors and it encompasses XH’s past and new music as well,” Gunil said. Gaon added, “And the album is called Troubleshooting, which is programming lingo. So this album basically marks the solution to the troubles that we have experienced so far in XH’s worldview. Basically, we’re shooting the troubles, as the album’s title implies.”

The group has come a long way since its debut in 2020. O.de recalled that, when starting out, the members “didn’t really have any predefined notion of what we wanted to do. But now when we try, when we write songs,we try to think about what’s needed and how to communicate better with our fans.”

He continued, “Also, I think we have evolved in technical ways. Our vocal members have improved a lot and our instrument skills have improved a lot as well. So I think that those improved skills are making our music better.”

The highly anticipated Troubleshooting arrives on the heels of the band’s successful 4th EP Livelock and an accompanying sold-out world tour of the same name which spanned across Europe, Asia, and more. Despite their success, Xdinary Heroes faces challenges like any other musical act, including standing out in an overcrowded K-pop market. As opposed to the slick, choreographed productions that are common within the genre, they perform under a different level of expectation.

“It’s not easy to play an instrument and sing at the same time,” Gaon said. “So, in order to overcome that, the only solution is practice, practice, practice. We just have to put a lot of effort and time into it.  

“Whereas a lot of K-pop artists communicate and draw attention to themselves through dance, we have to find our own way to do such a thing. I think we practiced a lot with a lot of thought about what kind of movement we should show to the fans and the public.” 

(Photo: JYP Entertainment)

Due to the sizeable popularity of K-pop in the music industry, one might think that there would be immeasurable pressure on this young group of musicians to succeed. However, they view the growing influence of the genre as an opportunity for them to grow and develop further.

Gunil noted, “I think it’s very optimistic, and I think of it in a very positive way because although we are a rock band, we are still K-pop artists, and because K-pop is, as you said, very popular worldwide right now, so it helps us to gain more popularity and attention. 

“I think of it as we’re hopping on to this K-pop trend. And, I think that’s helping us to grow as a band.”

Xdinary Heroes — whose name is an abbreviation for “Extra-ordinary Heroes,” representing their aim to inspire fans that anyone can become a hero — have quickly resonated worldwide through their unique concepts and extraordinary artistry, perhaps opening the door for them to become the next major global sensation as the voice of Gen Z fans.

As far as their future endeavors, Gaon’s hope is for the band “to stay healthy and make great music together going forward.” For Jungsu, it’s about leaving a legacy they can be proud of. “As we were inspired by many great artists and musicians that precede us, I hope we can be the same inspiration for future artists as well.” 

Xdinary Heroes’ debut album, Troubleshooting, is out now on all platforms.


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