‘The Big Bang Theory’ Creator Pledges to Make $24.5 Million Donation

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Creator Pledges to Make $24.5 Million Donation

Chuck Lorre is giving back. According to Fortune, the Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon co-creator is pledging $24.5 million to the University of California, Los Angeles, through his family foundation. The donation is to help low-income students study science and technology. Lorre is adding to a program he started in 2015, and “the donation will double the number of undergraduate scholarship recipients with financial needs to 80 each year,” the school said in a statement.

The donation will fund the creation of the UCLA Chuck Lorre Scholars Program, supporting students and off our for years of services, such as mentoring and graduate school funding. Lorre got the suggestion to support UCLA from UC Board of Regents member Sherry Lansing, who was also a Hollywood executive. Meanwhile, UCLA physics professor David Saltzberg was a science consultant on Big Bang.

Although The Big Bang Theory does not take place at UCLA when Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj are at work since they’re at Cal Tech, it’s clear that the university holds a special place in Lorre’s heart. It’s incredible that he’s donated so much to the school and for such a great cause as well. The donation comes ahead of Young Sheldon‘s series finale in May, which will more than likely see Sheldon leave Texas for Caltech as he works towards his Ph.D.

Cuck Lorre has been very busy as of late, but he is still making sure his priorities are in order. On top of Young Sheldon, Lorre was also working on the new Max comedy Bookie. He is also trying to keep the Big Bang Theory universe alive with two different series. An offshoot was first announced almost a year ago, which was still “prenatal” as of last November. In January, it was announced that a Young Sheldon spinoff focused on Montana Jordan’s Georgie and Emily Osment’s Mandy was in development and close to a series order at CBS.

While Young Sheldon is ending, it seems that The Big Bang Theory will still live on, whether through donations or more spinoffs. Chuck Lorre is definitely a great person for what he’s been doing, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he were to donate even more money to UCLA or different schools in the future. The program and scholarships will help a lot of young and aspiring scientists and more, and it’s a great sight to see.


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