Raz B, Former B2K Member, Causes Alarm By Climbing Onto Hospital Roof After Breaking Window

Raz B, Former B2K Member, Causes Alarm By Climbing Onto Hospital Roof After Breaking Window

Former B2K member Raz B recently stirred up a dramatic scene at a Kansas City hospital. In an alarming incident, the singer broke a window and climbed onto the hospital’s roof, forcing the police and fire department to intervene. The unsettling event occurred the morning after he posted a video on Instagram expressing his fear for safety.

The Incident + Instagram Confessions 

Thursday, May 25, unfolded with an unexpected turn of events involving Raz B. According to TMZ, the former B2K singer broke a window at Saint Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City and climbed onto the building’s roof. This alarming act prompted the police and fire department to rush to the scene. 

The authorities, fearing Raz might jump, placed mats below the ledge as a precautionary measure.

The incident happened after Raz posted a video on Instagram the previous night. He claimed to be at a Hilton hotel in Kansas City, where he said he was “fighting to stay alive” and didn’t want to “have this surgery here.” He even shared the address of a Kansas City hospital in his post.

In response, concerned fans flooded Raz’s comments. One fan urged others to take the matter seriously, “I asking asking anyone who is watching this post to PLEASE not make fun of him. This is a critical situation and we are trying to get him some help. I am BEGGING you all. Please DO not repost this. Mental Health is not a joking matter. Please continue to pray for our Brother.”

Another fan commented, “He’s clearly in a manic state and haven’t slept!…look at his eyes!….take him to the hospital so he can get some help…and rest!”

Video Evidence & Police Intervention

A video obtained by TMZ shows the Cleveland native on the hospital’s roof, drawing gasps from onlookers watching from a nearby window. After receiving a call from off-duty cops and hospital security, officers were dispatched to the hospital at 10:20 AM. 

Police report that Raz had broken a window to climb onto the roof. A negotiator was involved, and Raz eventually returned peacefully through the window, where medical staff treated him.

Desiigner Charged With Indecent Exposure

Raz B isn’t the only artist who has recently made headlines for disturbing public incidents. Recently, Desiigner was charged with indecent exposure.

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