Mark LeSure, Former Memphis Cop and Advocate for Tyre Nichols’, Found Dead

Mark LeSure, Former Memphis Cop and Advocate for Tyre Nichols’, Found Dead

The untimely demise of Mark LeSure, a former Memphis police officer who had been vocal about the killing of Tyre Nichols, has shocked the community. LeSure, who acted as a spokesperson for justice in Nichols’ case, was discovered deceased in his driveway.

LeSure was found dead on July 9th following his public criticism of the Memphis Police Department (MPD) for the actions that led to Nichols’ tragic death. As the investigation unfolds, questions arise about the circumstances surrounding LeSure’s passing and the potential impact of his advocacy.

Officer Mark LeSure Speaks Out About Tyre Nichols Death 

Mark LeSure found himself in the spotlight after the tragic events of January 7, 2023, when Tyre Nichols, while returning home from work, was beaten unconscious by five MPD officers. Nichols succumbed to his injuries three days later, igniting public outrage.

Office LeSure spoke out about the incident, expressing his concerns about rookie officers being assigned to specialized units without proper experience.  His comments resonated with many, leading observers to view him as a “good cop” amidst a troubling situation. 

Before his death, LeSure told Times, “Human beings man, that’s what happened. They let their emotions get the best of them, and there was no veteran officer there to stop them. Usually, when vets are there, things go differently because we have that experience to say, ‘I understand you’re mad but you got to stop, you can’t do this, it isn’t right.” 

LeSure Lauded For Community Service & ‘Upstanding’ Character

The shocking discovery of LeSure’s lifeless body in his driveway has left his family and community in disbelief. Rose LeSure-Jones, Mark’s aunt, described the heartbreaking scene, lamenting the undeserved fate that befell him. She emphasized his character, stating, “He was a good guy. One of the good guys, really.”

Residents of LeSure’s community highlighted his positive impact as a mentor and his dedication to outreach ministries for young people at the Westwood Community Center.   LeSure was a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from LeMoyne-Owen College with plans to pursue a Master’s degree at the same institution. The tenured US Army officer served the MPD over the span of 28 years. 

Community resident Randie Fleming said, “He had outreach ministries to young people in the community, a few blocks away. Westwood community center and now they just lost a mentor. It’s one thing when you hear gang members shooting and killing each other dying, but someone who is an upstanding guy, he served his community.”

LeSure’s Mysterious Death Sparks Speculation

Speculation surrounding the circumstances of LeSure’s death has surfaced on social media.  As investigations continue, the truth behind his passing remains uncertain with community members citing corruption and collusion by the Memphis Police Department.

“Remember these five Memphis police officers?” asked Twitter user @YtH8r.  “Let me introduce you to a whistleblower, retired detective Mark Lesure from the same department. He’s been on the news several times and very outspoken about the Memphis police force and their handling of the Tyre Nicholes incident. Lesure has been found shot and dead in his driveway…………”

“Memphis Police Department had something to do with the murder of Mark Lesure – directly or indirectly,” remarked @IamLindaGraham.

@InJEVONwetrust said, “No such thing as a good cop. #MarkLesure killed by Memphis PD for exposing police corruption. #ACAB

Tyre Nichols’ Family Files Wrongful Death Suit

In April 2023, the family of Tyre Nichols filed a lawsuit against the city of Memphis and the Memphis Police Department, seeking justice for the wrongful death of the 29-year-old. The lawsuit reflects the ongoing legal battle to hold those responsible accountable. 

NLE Choppa Establishes Tyre Nichol’s Charity

Amid the turmoil surrounding Tyre Nichols’ death, rapper NLE Choppa led a peaceful protest in Memphis and established a charitable organization in memory of Nichols, aiming to address the underlying issues that contributed to his tragic fate.

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