Lil Yachty Sparks Conversation On How Streamers & YouTubers Outearn Chart-Topping Rappers

Lil Yachty Sparks Conversation On How Streamers & YouTubers Outearn Chart-Topping Rappers

The ever-increasing popularity of streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube has ignited a widespread discussion about the earnings of streamers and YouTubers. Lil Yachty recently added fuel to the conversation when he made a bold claim, suggesting that public figures like Kai Cenat and Adin Ross outearn a significant portion of the rap industry. 

Streamers/YouTubers Vs. Chart-Topping Rappers

As the popularity of platforms like Twitch and YouTube continues to soar, the earnings of streamers and YouTubers have become the topic of discussion.

Recently, Lil Yachty sparked conversation as he appeared on Cool Kicks, claiming that streamers like Kai Cenat and Adin Ross make more money than rappers. Yachty stated:

“Kai for sure got more money than 90% rappers.”  

Fans had a lot to say regarding this, where one wrote:

 “100% believe this rappers sign horrible deals and waste their money to keep up appearances. Plus there isn’t as much money in music as people think.If you have a good deal and get a radio hit then yes or if you manage to take off while being independent then you’ll keep it all. Those streamers make more than most musicians not just rappers.” Another fan wrote, “Of course. Streamers get bank. YouTubers too.”

Additionally, streamer and rapper, DDG added to the narrative, wherein 2022, he stated on his social media:

“ngl… youtubers/streamers make more money than rappers & it’s not even close”

Streamers’ Path To Financial Success

Streamers like Kai Cenat and Adin Ross have become viral sensations, captivating millions of viewers with their content. With 7.4 million subscribers and an average of 56,278 viewers per stream, Cenat has secured his position as one of the top five streamers on Twitch. 

Ross, on the other hand, boasts a staggering 7.25 million followers and an average viewership of 26,805. According to TIME, streamers with over 50,000 average viewers can earn anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000+ per month

Music artists, much like YouTubers and streamers, are considered self-employed individuals. However, musicians are often required to navigate through record deals and grant a share of their earnings to their record label if they are signed artists. 

Comparing Income Streams

For musicians, revenue primarily comes from record sales, live performances, merchandise, endorsements, and royalties. However, it’s crucial to accumulate a significant number of streams to generate substantial profit, with streaming platforms valuing each stream at $0.01

In contrast, YouTubers monetize their content through video ad views, with an average earning of $18 per 1,000 views. However, only approximately 15% of total video views contribute to the required 30 seconds of watch time for ad payments. Streamers enjoy a more direct form of payment and the ability to diversify their earnings through multiple avenues.

Streamers Have More Money-Making Opportunities

Billboard notes that artists under contract with a record label are typically expected to return profits through ventures such as tours, merchandise, streaming, and sponsorship deals in order to repay the investment made by the label.

However, YouTube’s “Partner Program” allows creators to earn money through advertising, merchandise, and sponsorships. The program requires creators to have 1,000 subscribers and reach 4,000 “valid public watch hours” in 12 months. According to Credit Karma, content creators on YouTube can also get paid by incorporating affiliate marketing or affiliate links, merchandise, and sponsorships. 

Additionally, streamers can earn money through Twitch’s currency system called “Twitch Bits,” donations, advertisements, subscriptions, and merchandise sales.

Cross-Over Success & Sponsorships

Streamers and YouTubers have not only achieved financial success but have also made strides in other industries. For instance, the popular social media group RDCWorld has created its own Black gaming and anime convention called DreamCon. 

They have also attracted sponsors and collaborated with figures such as emerging rapper TiaCorine

Additionally, streamer Berleezy recently partnered with the insurance company State Farm as part of the “Statefarm Gaming Hood” Twitch streaming series, attracting an impressive 1 million viewers per week, alongside other content creators. In addition to his successful Twitch venture, Berleezy boasts an impressive YouTube following of over 2.4 million subscribers.  

Furthermore, some content creators have successfully ventured into film and mainstream media, such as RDCWorld’s collaboration with renowned filmmaker Jordan Peele and CoryxKenshin‘s appearance in a trailer for the film adaptation of the video game, Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Juicy J & Wallo 267 Discuss The Sales Decline In Hip-Hop

The conversation surrounding streamers and YouTubers outearning rappers sheds light on a broader conversation within the hip-hop music industry. Juicy J and Wallo 267 recently expressed concerns about the decline in rap sales, emphasizing the industry’s “over-reliance” on materialistic gimmicks.

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