KRS-ONE Shares His Perspective On Israel-Hamas War: ‘Everybody Wrong’

KRS-ONE Shares His Perspective On Israel-Hamas War: ‘Everybody Wrong’

KRS-ONE has shared his views on the Israel-Hamas war during a recent exclusive interview with SOHH at the 2023 ONE Musicfest. ​​The hip-hop luminary’s commentary delves into the intricacies of land ownership, drawing attention to the historical effects of colonialism and imperialism amid ongoing tensions and significant loss of life.

‘Everybody Wrong’ 

KRS-ONE, renowned for his expertise in hip-hop history, has recently shared his perspective on the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. 

During an interview with SOHH at the ONE Music Fest in Atlanta, the rap icon expressed a perspective that challenges the concept of land ownership, highlighting the impact of colonialism and imperialism. Amidst increasing tensions and the loss of thousands of lives, his remarks have ignited discussions about the conflict’s complexities and opposing viewpoints.

KRS-ONE shared his thoughts on the matter:

“The whole concept of owning land is illegal… Nobody is against the Jewish people, of course. That’s not even the point, but right and wrong is. If you ask me, they all buggin. Everybody wrong and when everybody wrong, you don’t get a right, you just get annihilation.” 

By referencing colonialism and imperialism, the rapper aimed to shed light on Israel’s military and political control over parts of Palestine.


The armed conflict between Hamas-led Palestinian militant groups and Israeli military forces, which began on Oct. 7, has resulted in immense loss of life and destruction. Retaliatory attacks from both sides have led to a devastating toll on innocent civilians. 

As of the end of October 2023, over 1,500 Israelis and more than 8,000 Palestinians, including thousands of children, had lost their lives, according to the Hamas-run Ministry of Health. Additionally, over 230 Israelis and foreign nationals remained captured or taken as hostages.

The situation has garnered significant attention on social media, with the hashtag #FreePalestine being widely shared. 

Gaza Hospital Bombing

Many individuals believe that Israel’s control over parts of Palestine deprives the Palestinian people of their right to independence. Reports and videos highlighting the suffering and devastation have further fueled public outcry.

In October 2023, the United States opposition to a ceasefire for humanitarian aid in Gaza after the bombing of a hospital caused factional divisions within the United Nations Human Rights Committee

This contentious stance resonated with various individuals, leading them to silently protest against United States Ambassador Michelle Taylor during her closing remarks on the Israeli-Palestinian war.

In other KRS-One updates, he conducted hip-hop classes in the Bronx, New York, as part of the 50th-anniversary celebrations of hip-hop. These classes continued until the official “anniversary” of hip-hop on August 11, covering various aspects of hip-hop culture.

DJ Khaled Faces Backlash For Silence Amid Palestine Conflict

Amidst the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, another influential figure of Palestinian descent, DJ Khaled, has faced criticism for his silence on the matter. People are questioning whether he will use his platform to support Palestine and share his stance. With tensions escalating and the necessity of voices advocating for peace and justice, DJ Khaled’s position has drawn attention and speculation.

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