HP Boyz unreleased upcoming single is a hit

HP Boyz unreleased upcoming single is a hit

Over the last 12 months, South East Melbourne crew HP Boyz have transcended from local stars, to global phenomenon.

Coming out of Hampton Park, the popular rappers have dropped smash after smash, including singles Engineers (13.5 million Spotify streams) and Bad N Bouj (4 million YouTube views).

Now, the charismatic crew have teased a new single across social media, releasing a 1-minute-and-change clip of members Onit and YJ spitting over some soulful, uplifitng production – in what sounds like a finished record, at Marshall Street Studios.

The track is as polished and prominent as we’ve heard from HP Boyz to date, and while the production takes a slight (yet welcome) left turn to what they’ve served up thus far in their career, the lyrical content is as honest and raw as always.

The upcoming single, which is expected to drop early May, is somewhat of a reminiscent, success story.

“Sold out seven shows overseas, came back and spent 15 g’s in a week,” raps Onit, before YJ continues to paint the picture of how different – yet the same – life is for the Hampton Park emcees. “Still in another trap, we don’t talk to the feds but the phone’s still tapped.”

Listen to the new snippet below and decide for yourself whether the boys from 3976 just made the song of the year.

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