Future Takes Aim at Russell Wilson in New Song, Stirring Controversy

Future Takes Aim at Russell Wilson in New Song, Stirring Controversy

Atlanta rapper Future has sparked controversy with his latest feature on Quavo’s new song, “Turn Yo Clic Up.” In the track, the “Mask Off” rapper throws shade at his ex-fiancée Ciara’s husband, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson.

In the song, Future boldly exclaims, “I got it out the field, F*** Russell,” alluding to his own success and possibly implying a lack of respect for the quarterback.

This isn’t the first time Future has expressed his dissatisfaction with Wilson, as he has previously made critical comments about Ciara and Russell’s relationship. In a 2015 interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Future criticized his ex-fiancée Ciara for introducing Russell to their son early in their relationship. He questioned her decision, stating, “You don’t bring a man around your son… You’ve known this man for a few months and you’re bringing him around your kid? Who does that?”

In an interview with Apple Music in 2019, Future criticized Russell Wilson, claiming that he was not a “real man” in his relationship with Ciara. He stated, “He not telling her, ‘Chill out with that on the internet.’ Don’t even talk to him. I’m your husband. You better not even bring Future’s name up!”. 

Future also added, “If that was me, she couldn’t even bring his name up. She know that. She couldn’t even bring her exes names up.”

Social media users have been quick to weigh in on the ongoing tension between Future and Russell Wilson. Many have sided with Russell, advising Future to let go of the past and focus on co-parenting in a respectful manner. 

One user stated, “Russell is going to handle it with class and not even respond and take his son to Disney.” Another user responded, “He really mad cuz Ciara got away and his son callin’ him dad.“ Someone else responded, “Future, you gotta stop living in the past.”

The song “Turn Yo Clic Up” featuring Future is now streaming on YouTube, allowing fans to listen to the controversial lyrics firsthand.

Apart from his controversial lyrics, Future has been recognized for his impact on the trap music genre. The Trap Music Museum in Atlanta named Nayvadius “Future” Wilburn as the 2023 “Trapper of The Year,” honoring his contributions to the genre’s growth and popularity. This achievement further solidifies Future’s influence and significance in the hip-hop scene.

In a separate development, rapper NLE Choppa is facing criticism from his ex-girlfriend, Marrisa Da’Nae, who claims that he was absent during her pregnancy and that their relationship never truly ended. Da’Nae has voiced her grievances, pointing out Choppa’s recent interactions with other women. This situation raises questions about their past relationship and the current status between the two.

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