Blac Chyna Sets The Record Straight On Recent Belongings Sale Amid Tyga Custody Battle

Blac Chyna Sets The Record Straight On Recent Belongings Sale Amid Tyga Custody Battle

Blac Chyna has clarified recent reports about her decision to sell personal belongings during an interview with Nischelle Turner on Entertainment Tonight. In her discussion with Turner, White expressed her desire for a fresh start and a new perspective on material possessions. The recent reports came amidst her ongoing custody dispute with rapper Tyga over their son, King.

Angela White With Nischelle Turner

On Tuesday, Oct. 3, Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna, cleared the air on why she recently began selling her personal belongings during an interview on Entertainment Tonight with Nischelle Turner:  

“ I just kind of wanted a fresh start and I don’t think nothing is wrong with selling like your old stuff like people have eBay people sell their own car… I feel like now this point in my life I don’t really value materialistic things…”

Giving Up Old Habits

Turner then inquired if White was concerned about running out of money, to which White replied:

“The type of person  I am and the type of life God has set up for me, I’ll never run out of anything, and I’ll always be very fruitful, because I always give back and make sure my family my friends, my staff everybody around me is taken care of and sometimes I put people before myself cause I feel like you know I just want to make sure they’re OK Kind of like look into that and Cana feet into that also.”

Recently, rumors spread like wildfire that the former Instagram model began selling her personal belongings to make ends meet due to leaving her old habits behind and seeking a new life.

Despite her transformation and newfound glow, many believed White’s decision to leave behind platforms like OnlyFans had caused a significant decline in her income, where White turned to an online consignment shop and her family and friends, selling her personal items for some much-needed cash. 

Battles With Tyga

The financial struggle allegations stem from her ongoing custody battle with her son King’s father and well-known rapper Tyga.

According to legal documents, White generated over $178K this year through her recent sales. In addition, White has also claimed in court documents that Tyga is interfering with her limited time with their child. 

Despite being granted only 24 hours a week, the “Taste” rapper allegedly refuses to communicate directly with her, withholding important information about their child’s life, including contact details, address, school information, prescriptions, and general updates about their well-being.

Sources Say Otherwise 

However, anonymous sources have refuted White’s claims, asserting that she does have direct communication with her son and is aware of where Tyga resides. It has also been reported that Tyga takes care of all the everyday expenses related to their child, including school tuition and medical bills. 

Despite these conflicting reports, White is now seeking a court order to compel Tyga to contribute $125,000 to cover her legal and accounting fees, as well as establish a consistent and interference-free schedule with their child.

Angela Celebrates Her Sobriety With Tamron Hall

Despite legal and financial battles, Angela White has been prospering. White recently appeared on the Tamron Hall Show to celebrate her one-year sobriety

In an emotional moment, Angela was joined by her mother, Tokyo Toni, who came out to show her support. 

Tyga’s Tour Has Been Canceled

On the other hand, Tyga, along with YG and Saweetie has canceled their highly anticipated  Skr8 To The Klub Tour due to low ticket sales. The tour was set to also feature popular rappers Kamaiyah, Wallie The Sensei, and DJ Vision as opening acts.

Chris Brown Owes Popeyes?

In a similar theme of financial and legal battles, another prominent artist, Chris Brown, is facing his legal trouble. A bank has filed a lawsuit against Brown, seeking $2 million in unpaid funds related to his attempt to acquire two Popeyes franchise restaurants.

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