UPSAHL Introduces ‘Young Life Crisis’ EP With “MoneyOnMyMind”

UPSAHL Introduces ‘Young Life Crisis’ EP With “MoneyOnMyMind”

UPSAHL generated all kinds of buzz in 2019 with viral hits like “Drugs” and her well-received debut EP, Hindsight 20/20. The newcomer now returns with a feisty banger called “MoneyOnMyMind,” which actually has less to do with greed and more to do with knowing your worth. “Living in a tragedy, suburban paradise,” the breakout star begins. “All I ever wanna see, is triple dollar signs.” That takes us to the rowdy chorus. “Money on my mind, used to think about you all the time,” she sings over warped synths. “Even though you never were my type, almost let you go and kill my vibe.”

What is the song actually about? “[It] has nothing to do with actual money; it’s a mindset,” UPSAHL explains. “You can have all the money in the world and still be completely miserable, but to FEEL money as fuck, that’s a whole other vibe. It’s all about the glow up. After every weak moment, there’s always a bounce back, and this song captures that feeling of getting on some new shit and hustling for the life you want.” “MoneyOnMyMind” is the lead single from the Phoenix, Arizona native’s sophomore EP, Young Life Crisis (due October 30). See the full tracklist below.

UPSAHL’s Young Life Crisis tracklist:

1. Young Life Crisis

2. MoneyOnMyMind

3. People I Don’t Like

4. Sad Sorry After Party

5. Fake Bitch

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