‘The Masked Singer’ Fans Say One Star Gave Away Their Identity

‘The Masked Singer’ Fans Say One Star Gave Away Their Identity

The Masked Singer Season 11 is coming to Fox in March, and the contestants ought to take some notes on what not to do from one of the stars of the U.K. version of the series. Fans say one celebrity gave away his casting on the musical reality competition before his grand reveal.

Alex Brooker, a co-host of the Channel 4 series The Last Leg, was rumored to be Bigfoot on Series 5 of The Masked Singer in the U.K. While the show includes clues to help fans figure out the singers’ identity, there’s always still no guarantee guesses are correct. However, Brooker seemingly showed his hand just before the Series 5 finale, as The Daily Mail points out.

On an episode of The Last Leg, Brooker began to be grilled by his co-hosts about the Bigfoot rumors. His reactions of denial during the line of questioning came off as bad bluffs to those watching at home. He tried to claim he wouldn’t go on TV “dressed as something ridiculous” and claimed he’d be too sweaty inside one of the mascot costumes used on the show. Last Leg co-host Josh Widdicombe saw through the facade and declared “you’re lying.” 

Brooker’s last-ditch effort of throwing his colleagues (and viewers) off his trail was to claim that Bigfoot was “clearly one of the Backstreet Boys.” Fans didn’t buy it. One X user said Brooker was “badly lying about being Bigfoot” and “had no poker face.” Another person pointed out Alex’s facial expressions during the exchange as a clear tell that he was inside the Bigfoot costume, despite his protests. Yet another person we saw on X claimed the Last Leg segment was what “convinced” them of Brooker’s Masked Singer casting.

The Masked Singer Series 5 finale soon aired, and it turns out, Brooker was, in fact, inside the Bigfoot costume. This means that the big finale reveal was somewhat spoiled by him discussing the topic on The Last Leg. Any celebrities competing on the U.S. Masked Singer Season 11 would be wise to avoid discussing the series until they’re unmasked.


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