Marcia Gay Harden Gets Emotional Over ‘So Help Me Todd’ Cancellation

Marcia Gay Harden Gets Emotional Over ‘So Help Me Todd’ Cancellation

Following So Help Me Todd‘s cancellation, Marcia Gay Harden is speaking out. The actress portrays Margaret Wright on the CBS legal dramedy, which was recently canceled after two seasons. While at the 2024 GLSEN Respect Awards in New York, Harden spoke to Us Weekly about the cancellation, and she is as emotional as the rest of us.

“We’re all super sad,” Harden shared. “The whole cast and the crew and the writers and showrunners, everyone is really sad. We’ve had a great run with CBS.” She noted that one of the reasons the cancellation makes her sad is the fact it was “one of the few original comedic and dramatic shows on CBS. And it seems like a lot of programming is syndicated crime shows.” Harden added that “CBS loved our show,” and it likely “made them sad as well to have to cancel it.”

So Help Me Todd was one of the few remaining shows left on CBS whose fate for the 2024-25 season wasn’t set in stone. The network canceled it and CSI: Vegas at the same time, which came after it had renewed a chunk of its current lineup aside from the shows that are already ending this year with the exception of S.W.A.T. As of now, it doesn’t seem like CBS has any plans to move So Help Me Todd or any other canceled series to Paramount+, nor does it seem like the studio is shopping it around elsewhere.

After the cancellation, So Help Me Todd creator Scott Prendergast spoke out about it, reflecting on the series and thanking those involved. It’s definitely disappointing that the series will be no more in just a few short weeks, with the finale now airing on May 16. Not only that but the Season 2 finale will be ending on a cliffhanger, meaning that fans will be left wondering what will happen next and be wondering what would have happened. Cliffhangers always make cancellations even worse.

Fans will have to prepare to say goodbye to Todd, Margaret, and everyone else in these final episodes of So Help Me Todd. It’s not going to be easy, but at least all episodes are currently streaming on Paramount+ so it’s like the show is still here even if there won’t be new episodes. So Help Me Todd airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.


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