Stream Eliyanah’s Emotional New Single “My Love”

Stream Eliyanah’s Emotional New Single “My Love”

Eliyanah recently announced her new single “My Love” which already has thousands of views on Spotify. In her new song, Eliyanah continues to surprise the listener with her powerful vocals and tasteful musical score all the while exploring the theme of love, relationships, and breakup. In this single the audience is allowed the chance to reflect back to their own previous relationships and wonder if they’ll be lucky enough to experience something similar in the future. 

The London-based singer-songwriter began her musical path at a very young age, honing her vocal and songwriting skills as she went. Fueled by her compassion and love for the world, Eliyanah volunteered in numerous countries including Uganda, Romania, India, and many more. Her concerts at different churches in Europe counted over 6000 attendees. 

Indie, alternative and electronic pop is where Eliyanah’s music really blossoms. Her latest song “Love Burned Out”, also exploring the love and relationship aspect of human life, was a huge success with over 100K views on Spotify and over 10K views on the music video on YouTube. An amazing person and a talented singer-songwriter, Eliyanah has taken the path to new heights with “My Love”.  

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