Stash Magnetic – Our Blood

Recipient of the much coveted 2021 Best Rock Music Video award for ‘Death of Silence’ by HAWXX, Noomi Yates reviewed the music video ‘Our Blood’ By Stash Magnetic.
Here is what she had to say about the sci-fi treatment directed by John Clay of Chemically Sinister Productions.  
‘We all know by now just how saturated the market is. It’s smogersboard of content all jostling to grab and hold the audience’s attention. Which is why John Clay’s directorial for the Stash Magnetic “Our Blood” music video is incredibly captivating, inventive and no small feat in terms of winning our attention.
It’s so hard to come up with original ideas for music videos, especially when restricted by the low budgets that bands have to work with these days. Despite the hurdles which face most music video directors, John Clay has found a way to make something original and visually enticing. The silhouetted performance elements and slow overlapping fades, are clearly a visual nod to eighties music videos such as Echo and the Bunnymen, Billy Idol or Roxette. However, John has updated this visual style by combining it with macro shots to f sci-fi miniatures.
Stash Magnetic’s ‘Our Blood’ music video is best likened to any Panos Comastos movie being smashed into Tony Scott’s eighties vampire flick, The Hunger, via Ray Harryhausen.’ – Noomi Yates
Stash Magnetic (Dark Synth Wave Duo, UK) –
Noomi Yates (Director/Producer/Writer, UK) –
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