Premiere: JORDY & OSTON’s “Tomorrow” Acoustic Video

Premiere: JORDY & OSTON’s “Tomorrow” Acoustic Video

JORDY ranks as one of the breakout stars of 2020 thanks to his PSYCHO EP and a steady stream of very good singles including “Lip Locked” and “Tomorrow,” a heart-on-sleeve collaboration with fellow newcomer OSTON. They now roll out an acoustic video, which highlights their respective vocals and songwriting nous. “Ever since I moved to LA, it’s always been ‘hurry and wait,’” OSTON begins the song. “And there’s always so much on my plate, feels like I’m feeding my words with all my mistakes.”

It’s then JORDY’s turn to pull the vocal trigger. “I don’t care what I tell me, always find ways to judge me,” he croons. “Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m scared.” How did the anthem come about? “[It] was born out of three friends hanging out on zoom, having honest and vulnerable conversations, and finding the common ground that overlapped all of our own unique stories,” the LA-based artist explains. “Being a creative in times of COVID-19 can be extremely difficult… so much so that it takes away from being able to live in the present moment.”

“For the live video, we wanted to bring our listeners inside for an intimate experience; the goal was to make our audience feel like they were in the room with us,” JORDY continues. “OSTON is one of my closest friends – when we met on tour she was immediately so warm and welcoming, which provided an opportunity for a beautiful friendship. We want to welcome our listeners in the very same way. Our music is honest, and our music is for everyone. A safe space. We hope you feel warmer during this cold time of year as you watch and listen to this acoustic version of the song.”

We are very excited to premiere the acoustic video for “Tomorrow” below.

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