Halsey Unveils Moving “929” Video, Drops ‘Manic’ Vol. 2

Halsey Unveils Moving “929” Video,  Drops ‘Manic’ Vol. 2

Halsey celebrates her 26th birthday by unveiling a video for “929,” Manic’s stream-of-consciousness album closer. “They said don’t meet your heroes, they’re all fuckin’ weirdos and God knows that they were right,” the hitmaker freestyles. “Because nobody loves you, they just try to fuck you.” There is a sense of catharsis by the end the song, however. “Soft and slow, watch the minutes go,” she sings calmly. “Count out loud, so we know you don’t keep ’em for yourself.” It’s a deeply personal song that deserves (and receives) a deeply personal video.

Comprised of home movies and behind-the-scenes footage, “929” is a snapshot of Halsey’s journey to date. While the video is a treat for fans, the singer/songwriter has another, arguably bigger surprise for them. Namely, the release of Manic Vol. 2. Yes, Halsey’s 2020 opus now includes two new songs (“wipe your tears” and “I’m Not Mad”), “Be Kind,” a couple of “Without Me” remixes and six acoustic, stripped-back moments. You can listen to the new, extended version of Manic here and watch her heartstrings-tugging “929” visual below.

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