NEIL FRANCES Unleash Iridescent Static on New Single “Standing My Ground,” Detail Sophomore LP ‘It’s All A Bit Fuzzy’

NEIL FRANCES Unleash Iridescent Static on New Single “Standing My Ground,” Detail Sophomore LP ‘It’s All A Bit Fuzzy’

Today (Aug. 4), Indie-dance duo hailing from Los Angeles, NEIL FRANCES–comprised of Jordan Feller and Marc Gilfry–are back with their latest single, “Standing My Ground,” via the Nettwerk label. The track marks the duo’s return and heralds the upcoming arrival of their sophomore album, It’s All A Bit Fuzzy, slated for release on Oct. 6.

“Standing My Ground” is a captivating late-night groove anthem that seamlessly weaves bass-driven rhythms, propulsive beats, smooth synth textures, and funky guitar riffs. The duo’s distinctive sound comes complemented by a music video directed by Kyle Jetter, which transports viewers into what seems like a flashback from a ’90s acid rave. NEIL FRANCES are depicted immersed in a vibrant VHS scene, grooving to their own beats while watching their performance on a vintage box television, making for a visual experience that is a mesmerizing trip through time and space.

Following their well-received 2018 EP, Took A While and their debut LP album, There Is No NEIL FRANCES, in 2022, the upcoming release It’s All A Bit Fuzzy demonstrates NEIL FRANCES’ artistic evolution. The album showcases a refined fusion of the duo’s signature club-ready groove with a diverse array of sonic influences, ranging from the vibrant rave culture of the ’80s and ’90s to the soulful sounds of the ’70s, yacht rock, and classic hip-hop.

The last album we wrote was very concept-driven. This one, early on, we decided not to go through that again,” Jordan Feller explained in a press release. The collaborative process took center stage, allowing NEIL FRANCES to harness their curatorial prowess and collaborate with emerging talents. Notable collaborations include DC-based R&B/dance artist dreamcastmoe on “She’s Just the Type of Girl,” alt-indie singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist St. Panther on tracks “Let’s Break It Down” and “Head Straight,” as well as rapper/singer PawPaw Rod on “High.”

As NEIL FRANCES gears up for live performances, their duo set takes on the persona of “an ode to house music.” The two artists are not only creators but also ardent enthusiasts of a wide spectrum of musical genres that have graced dance floors and influenced their sound. Their live shows artfully interlace and deconstruct classic house tracks, epitomizing their genuine homage to house music in the upcoming offering.

Jordon Feller shares, “I was a DJ before I was in a band. For me, it’s always important to feel the audience moving, and I love the energy of a crowd of people getting served by a DJ at that faster tempo. I was like, ‘I want to write a song at that speed for us to play so we can get that feeling from an audience.’”

Listen to “Standing My Ground” below.

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