Listen: Bruce Springsteen Discusses Favorite Bands, Offers Health Update

Listen: Bruce Springsteen Discusses Favorite Bands, Offers Health Update

Bruce Springsteen spoke on his SiriusXM E Street radio channel, dubbed From My Home To Yours, about his rock-n-roll influences and the musical groups he considered the genre’s godfathers. The conversation took place during the series’ 30th episode.

Included in the conversation were fellow Garden State musicians Mike Wilson, Mike Domanski and Donnie Powell, members of the group Legends, and Craig Caprioni, vocalist for the Rogues and one-time member of Springsteens’ very first band. 

During the back-and-forth, Springsteen began discussing musical favorites, asking his guests: “After The Beatles, [what’s your] second favorite band? And, we can’t count The Rolling Stones.”

After a short discussion with his guests, Springsteen offered his own list of favorite bands, offering, “It’s Beatles, Stones, Animals, that’s how my playlist goes, you know? But any Dave Clark 5 fans?” The Boss commended DC5 for creating “great albums,” eventually sliding into their 1964 cut, “Any Way You Want It.”

Later on, the musician, known for favorites such as “Dancing in the Dark” and “Born to Run,” offered a health update following the postponement of 2023 concerts, resulting from peptic ulcer disease. “This belly thing, despite my ability to laugh at it, has been a monster and is still, unfortunately, rocking my internal world,” he said.

Springsteen continued, “But it’s better this week than it was last. I want to thank everybody for their support and well wishes.” Before concluding the conversation, the musician added, “We will see you in the new year, and we will bring it to you, in your town, at the top of our game. There’s no other way.”

Springsteen’s readjusted schedule can be viewed here. Listen to part of the conversation below. 

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