50 questions with Mark Ronson…

50 questions with Mark Ronson…

If it weren’t for Mark Ronson, both the Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse albums would probably have been a bit shit. At the very least, they certainly wouldn’t have been as good as they were. [UPDATE FROM THE FUTURE: LOOKING BACK FROM THE VANTAGE POINT OF 2018 THIS IS SORT OF NONSENSE, APOLS]

When he has the time he also makes amazing albums for himself, like his new one, ‘Version’.

We spoke to Mark Ronson very recently and asked him 50 questions. Here is how he replied…

Mark Ronson, what is your mum called?

Go anywhere nice on your holidays?
I haven’t been anywhere in a long time.

What is your favourite chocolate bar?

What animal would you gladly never encounter in your lifetime?
A liger.

How many pints can you drink before you fall over?
Five, but I usually drink the hard stuff.

What would you like for dinner?
Shepherd’s pie with peas.

How old is too old for a man to go skate­board­ing?
He must not be born before nineteen tickety-two.

How old were you when you found out about sex?

Did Lily Allen ever give you ‘a backie’ on her Chopper?
No, but I think she would if I was really tired.

Which member of your family is the worst cook?
I have a big family, and only my mum and dad can cook.

What colour are your pillows?
White with grey trimming.

What did you last buy from eBay?
An original LL Cool J shirt from 1985.

Boxers or y‑fronts?

What was your worst subject at school?

When did you last take a photo of yourself?

What is the worst day of the week?

What side of the bed do you sleep on?
The right side.

Semi-skimmed or full fat?
Full fat.

Guns ‘n’ Roses or Metallica?
Guns ‘n’ Roses but NEVER without Slash. This new lineup is a mockery of a sham of two farces.

Sea or swimming pool?

What’s your favourite animal?
A liger.

Surf or turf?

What’s your favourite breed of dog?
My dog is a mutt so I like mutts.

Inn‑y or out‑y?

Are you right or left handed?

How often do you get your haircut?
Are you psychic? I just got it cut an hour ago

What’s the best freebie you’ve ever been sent or given?
Freebies are usually useless, unless you’re present­ing at the Oscars or something.

What’s the hardest word to spell?
Rhythm. (Oh, irony…)

Who do you vote for?
I can’t vote in America (as I’m not a citizen).

What’s your favourite girl’s name?

What is the rudest word you know?

Have you got any tattoos?

Will you come and DJ at Club Popjustice?
Yes, if it’s for charity.

Which part of Mark Ronson is the most attract­ive part of Mark Ronson?
Mark Ronson’s heart.

Girls Aloud or Sugababes?

Are you getting bored of these questions yet?
No, I love them.

What do you like about Europe?
Food, streets and people.

Did you expect the Robbie album to do better or worse than it did?
Better. I think it’s really good.

New York, London, Paris or Munich?
Nylon, always.

What does the Daily Mail mean to you?
My dad’s home, in London.

What’s the best day of the week?

At what age were you happiest?

What’s wrong with pop?
Smokey Robinson.

What’s right with pop?
Harry Belafonte.

Are you good in a fight?
‘Good’ for my opponent.

Are Oasis CDs mastered too loudly?
Do kids like chocolate?

What’s the best location to park a caravan?
Depends what you want to do in it.

What word do people incor­rectly use to describe you?

What word do people correctly use to describe you?

One lump or two?

Thank you very much Mark Ronson.


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