Who’s Next: AUD’$ Melbourne artists to watch in 2020

Who’s Next: AUD’$ Melbourne artists to watch in 2020

Melbourne-based media platform AUD’$ is an Australian hot spot for all things hip-hop, so we presented AUD’$ the task of hand picking some of Melbourne’s most promising acts right now.

AUD’$ gave us five of the most promising Melbourne artists to keep a close eye on in the coming months.


“The crew from 66 records outta Collingwood have all steady been running up numbers both online and in the clubs for a minute now with a run of street hits including ‘Block Hotter’ and ‘Redface’. 66 posses a range of talents ranging from Playboi Carti to Roddy Ricch type sonics.  Lil Jaye teased us with ‘Choppa Make Her Dance’ late last year, but label moves over summer and snippets of upcoming collab track ‘Devil Persona’ with label mates BBG Smokey, Ecosystem and Baby T. have us excited for the whole roster.”


“Long familiar as that rap component of Billy Davis band, Jordan Denis had a smash with ‘Crumbs’ which established him as a solo talent. As musically playful as Chance The Rapper but with the rap skills of JID his global trajectory is a matter of time. His HDMI1 project showed off more of his rap credentials last year but recent collab ‘Drivin’ with Dugong Jr is one of the best songs of 2020. Will be one of the biggest names in the country in 12 months if he drops only half of what we’ve heard is up his sleeve.”


“A name a lot of people won’t be across this name yet, but Melody Napoleon could be Australia’s burna boy. Incredible vocal abilities and poignant songwriting. Released ‘Vibe’ as part of The Nawfsiders collective with Young Moses, Aron & Danii Jordan over summer and is building a strong organic fanbase. Teases of upcoming single & video for ‘Comforter’ have us convinced that record alone is enough to put his artistry into mainstream focus.”


“We’ve previously alerted people to the sleeping giant that is Clariyah Bo$$ and feel that 2020 is her time to really step into the limelight. Initially a youtube star from Jhene Aiko covers and bedroom raps, she dropped her debut project ‘Vulnerable’ last year which showcased her musical development as an artist but it’s her recent studio snippets which have us hype. The Poly rapper can spit as menacing as Young MA or sing as playfully as Doja Cat, rumours of major upcoming collabs should have the internet buzzing.”


“It seems like Z. Lewis has appeared on every one of these type of lists over the last couple years but it’s a testament to how hungry people are for more material from the London born emcee. As UK influences have dominated the Aus scene over the past 18 months, Lewis has been noticeably absent but recent video teases plus his AUD’$ Vault cypher have us feeling like this is finally his time. Recognised across the country as one of the best spitters in the game, if he puts a consistent run of releases together this year his undeniable talent will skyrocket him.”

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