Dream collaborations that we would love to hear

Dream collaborations that we would love to hear

Inside the last 12 months, we’ve already been lucky enough to receive stunning collaborations from the likes of Triple One and Matt Corby, Baro Sura and Mac Miller and The Kid Laroi and Lil Tecca.

Now, we’re posing ourselves the question. What other collaborations would we love to see come from Australia’s shores?

OneFour x HP Boyz

Two of Australia’s biggest and best rap groups together on a record would go off, and what’s great about this link up, is that we know it exists.

The two collectives have previously been seen working in the studio together. Each group does insane numbers on their own respective releases; so together? OneFour and HP Boyz would break the internet.

A Hampton Park and Mount Druitt collaboration could easily be the biggest record in Australia’s Hip-Hop history. It’s only a matter of time and we can’t wait.

Youngn Lipz x Elijah Yo

Imagine this record, combining Youngn‘s stylish and silky delivery with Elijah Yo‘s between-the-eyes bars… THIS TRACK WOULD GO HARD.

Both key figures within West Sydney’s melting pot of talent, a Youngn Lipz meets Elijah Yo banger would be nothing short of phenomenal.

Creed Tha Kid x OGM

OGM are the next crew in Australia to pop off in a big way – as Off The Clef discussed here – and linking them up with a fellow young star in Creed Tha Kid would make sense.

Creed Tha Kid has hits under his belt already, while OGM are about to rock Australia with their myriad of flows, sonics and styles. This collab would be huge, so we’re putting this out there in the universe. Please make something happen.

Also – putting young bull Mason Dane in the mix wouldn’t hurt either, he’s as talented as anyone on the come up right now and has previously dropped a banger with OGM.

Lara Andallo x Ceeko

This Sydney to Melbourne connect would become the R&B smash of the year if it was to happen.

Lara Andallo is the nonchalant Filipino-Australian teen with quality singles under her belt already, including ‘180’ and ‘Confidential,’ while Ceeko is the diverse and adaptable Melbourne songwriter who’s long been highly regarded amongst his peers and fans alike.

This link up would be as groovy as anything else out today.

Complete x Skrub

You can hear the punchlines being traded off already.

Almost nothing would get the die hard hip-hop fans of Australia buzzing more than Complete and Skrub going back and forth on a bouncy boom-bap record.

The two emcee’s each posses some of the most lethal pen games in the country, and while they both have a dynamic and versatile catalogue of tracks behind them, seeing them spit on a punchline tip for 3-minutes straight would be untouchable.

Olive Amun x Jaycee

Perhaps the most intriguing collaboration of the bunch, an Olive Amun x Jaycee link-up would make a lot of sense, for more reasons than just their clever lyricism, impressive self-production and buttery delivery.

Melbourne’s Olive Amun and Perth’s Jaycee have each been sticking to a similar blueprint in recent times, consistently releasing singles every other week, with the duo combining for over 30 singles released inside the last 6 months.

Seeing the two connect for a track or two on each other’s steep rise to success would be as fitting as it would sound great.

Hit up the comments section of our social channels and let us know what collaborations you’d like to see! Part 2 will be from the perspective of the fans.

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