UPDATE: Kai Cenat Released After Giveaway Arrest, NLE Choppa Reacts

UPDATE: Kai Cenat Released After Giveaway Arrest, NLE Choppa Reacts

Hours after being detained, Kai Cenat was issued a desk appearance ticket. There are no reports on when Cenat is set to appear in court, however, if Cenat fails to appear in court, a warrant may be issued for his arrest.

NLE Choppa Speaks Out

In other news rapper, NLE Choppa has been very outspoken on behalf of Kai Cenat.

“Y’all don’t even charge the KKK When they do that negative shit but charge a successful black man for giving back. The system so designed for us to fail it don’t make sense !”

NLE Choppa, Twitter

Kai Cenat Detained for Inciting Fan Riot at PS5 Giveaway

Prominent Twitch streamer and YouTube personality Kai Cenat was detained in New York City on Friday, August 4th, after a fan giveaway event organized by the influencer turned into a riot. Thousands of excited fans showed up in Manhattan’s Union Square, causing chaos and wreaking havoc in the streets.

Cenat Facing Charges

Now, Cenat is facing charges of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly. This incident has once again brought attention to the power and influence of social media personalities and the responsibilities they hold.

According to reports, Cenat’s fan giveaway, which he announced on his Instagram story, led to an overwhelming number of fans flocking to Union Square with the hopes of receiving prizes such as computers or PlayStations. The event quickly spiraled out of control, with some attendees climbing on vehicles, flinging chairs, and engaging in physical altercations. The NYPD is charging Cenat with multiple counts, including inciting a riot and unlawful assembly.

When Things Fall Apart

During the riot, teenagers shouted and swung objects at car windows, threw paint cans, and set off fire extinguishers. Some even climbed atop city buses, causing disruptions and spreading chaos throughout the city. Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey of the NYPD described the situation as “uncontrolled” and stated that it took a while for the police to regain control. Several individuals, including officers, suffered injuries during the mayhem.

The giveaway event was deemed “unpermitted” and “not sanctioned,” growing rapidly to include thousands of young people. Instead of complying with orders to disperse, some attendees attacked officers, leading the NYPD to call for parental assistance. At least 65 arrests were made, including 30 juveniles.

Offset Is Upset

As news of Cenat’s charges spread, his fans expressed disappointment and disapproval of the NYPD’s response. Hip-hop artist Offset questioned the decision, stating that Cenat was simply giving back to his supporters. However, the severity of the charges remains unknown.

Kai Cenat recently met with R&B singer SZA, who is his long-time celebrity crush. Cenat attended SZA’s SOS tour in Los Angeles and shared his admiration for her music on social media.

In a similar incident, another media influencer named Benjamin Best is facing far more grave legal troubles. Best recently confessed on Instagram to his involvement in the tragic murder of personality and model Augusta Osedion.

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