Tyga, YG & Saweetie’s ‘Skr8 To The Klub’ Tour Canceled Amidst Low Ticket Sales

Tyga, YG & Saweetie’s ‘Skr8 To The Klub’ Tour Canceled Amidst Low Ticket Sales

Tyga, YG, and Saweetie’s highly anticipated “Skr8 To The Klub” Tour has been canceled due to low ticket sales. The tour was set to also feature popular rappers Kamaiyah, Wallie The Sensei, and DJ Vision as opening acts.

‘Skr8 To The Klub’ Tour CANCELED

Tyga, YG, and Saweetie’s “Skr8 To The Klub” Tour was officially canceled due to low ticket sales, leaving fans disappointed. The tour was scheduled for September 21 in Sacramento, California, and was expected to hit 14 arenas across North America.

Despite the initial excitement surrounding the tour, news of its cancellation broke on September 10 as fans received notifications about it being called off. 

‘Hit Me When You Leave the Klub: The Playlist’

Although neither YG nor Tyga have made any public comments about the cancellation, they did make another announcement that might help alleviate some of the disappointment. The California rappers revealed on Instagram that they will be dropping a joint project called Hit Me When You Leave the Klub: The Playlist on September 29. 

While neither YG nor Tyga have publicly commented on the cancellation, some fans expressed their frustration on social media. One user on X hilariously exclaimed,” announcing this on the same day that they canceled their tour with Saweetie has me screaming.” 

Saweetie has not made any statements regarding the canceled tour or her involvement in any future projects with YG and Tyga, fans remain hopeful for new music from the talented artist.

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YG, Saweetie & Tyga Unite For “Str8 To The Klub” Tour

California’s rap scene is set to explode with excitement as YG, Saweetie, and Tyga come together for their highly anticipated joint tour, Str8 To The Klub. With diverse musical styles and a range of talents, this tour promises to celebrate hip-hop at its finest. Moreover, rumors of a potential romantic relationship between YG and Saweetie have added an intriguing dimension to the upcoming tour. 

YG, Saweetie & Tyga Join Forces

California’s rap royalty is taking the stage together as YG, Saweetie, and Tyga unite for the Str8 To The Klub Tour. The announcement of this thrilling collaboration sent shockwaves through the music industry, igniting excitement among fans eager to witness their favorite artists share the limelight. 

Known for their captivating performances and chart-topping hits, the trio promises an unforgettable tour experience that will resonate with hip-hop enthusiasts nationwide.

The Str8 To The Klub Tour will span 14 dates, commencing on September 21 in Sacramento and culminating on November 22 in Los Angeles. Between these two major cities, the trio will mesmerize audiences in 11 other cities, including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Portland, and Dallas. This cross-country journey will showcase the artists’ immense popularity and enduring appeal, solidifying their positions as influential figures in the rap genre.


Special Performances

In addition to the three headliners, the Str8 To The Klub Tour will feature special performances by music artists Kamaiyah, Willie The Sensei, and DJ Vision. This diverse lineup promises to deliver a range of musical styles, ensuring audiences experience a dynamic and thrilling talent showcase. 

With each artist contributing their unique flair, the tour is set to be an unmatched celebration of hip-hop culture.

For YG, the Str8 To The Klub Tour marks his second headlining tour in 2023, exemplifying his dedication to connecting with fans and bringing his music to live audiences nationwide. For Saweetie and Tyga, this tour represents a significant milestone, as it marks their first time headlining their tour. 

YG & Saweetie’s Relationship Spark Interest

Adding an extra layer of intrigue to the tour are the rumors swirling around YG and Saweetie’s relationship. Speculations have been fueled by their public appearance together, walking hand-in-hand to a restaurant in West Hollywood. 

While neither artist officially confirmed their relationship on social media, fans remain curious and eagerly await official statements.

As the speculation surrounding the two artist’s relationship continues, rumors were confirmed when the pair were spotted together at a resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This getaway provided undeniable evidence of their affectionate bond, further fueling the dating rumors that have been circulating for months.

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