Tory Lanez Really Can’t Lose Right Now + ‘SKAT’ Proves It

Tory Lanez Really Can’t Lose Right Now + ‘SKAT’ Proves It

Rap crooner Tory Lanez isn’t holding onto any L’s right now and the numbers prove it. The hip-hop singer has come forward to hype up the insane success of his newly released “SKAT” music video.


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Tory Lanez Really Can’t Lose

TL went to his Instagram page to share a snapshot at how many views “SKAT” has received over the past 48 hours. Tory also revealed he is going all out for his diehard supporters by putting together a money-driven contest.

“SKAT .. 4.3 MILL VIEWS ….. #8 TRENDING .. NO MANAGER , NO LABEL . FULLY INDEPENDENT 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯….. I WANNA DO SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR MY UMBRELLAS ☔️ …. I GOT 1000 $ FOR A RANDOM UMBRELLA (fan) ….. all u gotta do is … Goto this YOUTUBE video and COMMENT YOUR IG USER NAME … ima pick the user name of the WINNER TOMORROW !!! GO NOW !!!”

Tory Lanez Gets Busta Rhymes + Juelz Santana Applauding

Hours prior, TL went to his Instagram page with footage of himself freaking out over the single’s YouTube glow up. Lanez specifically pointed out how he secured millions of views in just a single day.

“Y’all gotta see this sh*t. I don’t want to hear nothing. ‘Tory Lanez ‘SKAT’ featuring DaBaby. 3.3 million views. 24 hours. Number 12 trending. Let’s f*cking go! 3 million views. Let’s go!”

The IG post ignited a flurry of major co-signs from New York rappers Busta Rhymes, Tru Life and Juelz Santana in the comments section.

“🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥” -Busta Rhymes

“Talk yo sh*t 🥣🍾” -Tru Life

“🔥🔥💪🏾🙌🏾💯✔️” -Juelz Santana

Tory Lanez Names Best Music Video

Earlier in the week, TL shared his confidence in the newly released “SKAT” video. Without second-guessing, Lanez credited himself for putting out the best visual of 2021. The crown is up for debate as everyone from DJ Khaled and Nicki Minaj to Cardi B and Migos – plus Megan Thee Stallion – have all put out huge music videos over the past few months.

“SKAT FEAT. @DABABY IS OUT NOW !!!!!! 🍾🔥🍾🔥🤯🔥🍾🔥🤯 LINK IN BIO … THIS IS THE VIDEO OF THE YEAR … Thanks @christhedirector”

Tory Lanez + DaBaby Do The Most

The visual is much more than jokes and crazy special effects. The music video is also a celebration of COVID-19 restrictions easing up and people becoming more social with summer around the corner.

From stolen police car joy rides to run-ins in the wild wild west, performing exorcisms, Michael Jackson “Thriller” reenactment dance scenes, and everything in between, Tory and DaBaby celebrate being back outside with a bang. The track comes after Lanez’ highly successful recent capsule PLAYBOY, which held the #1 position on Apple Music upon release and even jumped back to that position after the artist’s extremely creative global livestream event where he performed the project live.  

Following days – and actually months – of promotion, Tory finally hit the green light on his new single. The record is a pure turn-up anthem and features Lanez setting the tone while Baby comes through with his signature hard-hitting lines. TL opens up the record talking about his money-making ability and iced-out accessories.

“Wrist so wet I might drown
B*tch, don’t talk, you goin’ downtown (Okay)
I done made 6 half for the whole week
Plug want a player then I’m goin’ O.T (Okay)
I just made 457 on Wok
I’ll hop in that Scat and I’m bendin’ your block (Okay)
N*gga wanna scrap, well, then, let it go rock
My lil’ n*gga got it, I bet he gon’ pop (Okay)
I can make 10 on face no fillin’, 6 dot like Krillin”

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