Top 20 Drake songs of all time

Top 20 Drake songs of all time

As Drake gears up to release his 6th studio album this year, we took a look at 20 of the best records to come from the Canadian’s catalog to date.

Before we get into the 20, shoutout to Drizzy’s 2009 breakthrough hit ‘Best I Ever Had,’ which laid the foundations for the emcee’s next decade of dominance. This list is purely subjective, selected by Off The Clef.

20. God’s Plan (Scorpion)

19. Over (So Far Gone)

18. Fake Love (More Life)

17. The Motto (Take Care)

16. Sandra’s Rose (Scorpion)

15. Energy (If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late)

14. Headlines (Take Care)

13. Nice For What (Scorpion)

12. Feel No Ways (Views)

11. 0-100 (Single)

10. Worst Behavior (Nothing Was The Same)

Although taken off ‘Nothing Was The Same,’ ‘Worst Behaviour’ felt like a taste of what fans could soon expect from the star, in the form of the rap-heavy mixtape ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.’

Brash, heavy hitting and catchy – a classic for sure.

9. Started From The Bottom (Nothing Was The Same)

‘Started From The Bottom’ long stood as the definitive moment in Drake’s career.

Drake the rapper had finally taken centre stage on mainstream airwaves, and the 6 God’s noteriety landed in rare company.

8. Legend (If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late)

Drake dwells on death and legacy in the opening cut of his suprise mixtape ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ in 2015.

There may be some bias surrounding ‘Legend’ as at the time, it felt like a huge moment in hip-hop, hitting play on the surprise project for the first time and hearing the sluggish beat kick in to gear. However, the content and magnitude of the anthem alone places is towards the top end of Drake’s extensive discography.

7. Take Care (Take Care)

Wind the clock back to 2011 and this was a duet for the ages, let alone in 2020 when both names are as popular as ever.

‘Take Care’ was a tender, love-struck, feel good single that still holds up today.

6. Too Much (Nothing Was The Same)

Too Much gutted the original track of the same name from Sampha, although Drake made sure to pay the OG record justice with a phenomenal, personal lyrical performance.

5. 5am In Toronto (Single)

Drake proved that while he was thriving in the R&B and Pop sphere, he could still rap as well as anyone on ‘5am,’ setting a benchmark for all throwaway no-hook Drake drops to come.

4. Hold On We’re Going Home (Nothing Was The Same)

‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ was fresh yet familiar upon it’s 2013 release, a characteristic it has maintained 7 years later.

A true hit song that will take you back in time in the snap of one swift 80’s influenced snare.

3. Tuscan Leather (Nothing Was The Same)

Drake declared that he was “on a mission to shift the culture” on ‘Tuscan Leather,’ and everything that proceeded the opening track of his 2013 album ‘Nothing Was The Same,’ managed to do exactly that.

2. Marvin’s Room (Take Care)

Open, honest and raw. ‘Marvin’s Room’ was an early yet iconic peak into Aubrey Graham, layered with some minimalist production and stunning R&B melodies.

1. Know Yourself (If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late)

Not a lyric wasted. Epic, climactic production. Notorious Drizzy swag and self-belief.

‘Know Yourself’ is the ultimate Drake record.

Let us know what you’re favourite Drake record is here.

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