TikTok Sensations Flyanna Boss Featured In New Pizza Hut Ad, Recreating Viral Video

TikTok Sensations Flyanna Boss Featured In New Pizza Hut Ad, Recreating Viral Video

Flyanna Boss, the viral TikTok duo known for their hit track “You Wish,” is making waves again. They have been featured in a new advertisement for Pizza Hut, where they recreate their famous viral video. 

Flyana Boss Moves

Flyanna Boss, consisting of two talented young women, has gained immense popularity on social media for their catchy rap songs and energetic performance, where they are notably seen sprinting and rapping in different locations. 

In the new Pizza Hut ad, the duo is seen promoting the franchise’s melts while also showcasing their lyrical rap skills in the jingle. The duo recreated their viral video, which garnered millions of views and made them overnight sensations. 

On September 18, Pizza Hut took to their social media platforms to announce the collaboration, praising Flyanna Boss for their “absolute fire bars about Melts.” 

‘Manifesting Queens’

Fans expressed their excitement and support on social media, with one fan writing,  “I be Michael Phelps, all the brand deals that i’m swimming innnnn!” Manifesting queens.” This tweet pays homage to the duo’s own lyrics from their hit track “You Wish,” in which they boast about securing major brand deals.

 Another fan expressed their support for the duo, writing, “I love seeing these ladies out here killing it!! @flyannaboss rooting for you guys always.”

Furthermore, in the midst of their flourishing success, the rap duo has ventured into a multitude of opportunities following their rapid rise to stardom. Notably, they embarked on their first tour, sharing the stage with the esteemed singer Janelle Monae.

T-Pain x Hello Fresh

In recent years, many hip-hop artists have been crossing over into the food industry. T-Pain recently teamed up with meal kit company Hello Fresh, along with actor Jimmy O. Yang.

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