Russ Promotes New Short Film, ‘Santiago,’ Set For September Release In Major Theaters

Russ Promotes New Short Film, ‘Santiago,’ Set For September Release In Major Theaters

Russ has recently announced the release of his first major short film, titled Santiago. With screenings scheduled in over 80 theaters in the US and limited access in the UK, the New Jersey rapper aims to prove himself as an independent artist. 


On September 18, Russ took to social media to announce the exciting news of his upcoming short film, Santiago. Posting on his Instagram, the “3:15” rapper shared:

“THE SANTIAGO SHORT FILM IS COMING TO THEATERS!!!! Sep 24/24. US. & UK, Swipe to see what theaters are showing it. We tried to get other territories of the world but full transparency, they didn’t believe in the vision and said we have to prove ourselves so here we go, TICKETS IN BIO!!!! CANT WAIT FOR YALL TO SEE THIS!!!!”

The 19-minute film is closely tied to his fifth studio album, also titled Santiago, released in August 2023. The film is set to be showcased in theaters across the United States and the United Kingdom on September 24 and 25. Russ released the official trailer on his YouTube channel on the same day to give fans a sneak peek. 

‘Only 19 Minutes?’

The nationwide screenings of Santiago in the United States are generating significant buzz, as the film is set to be shown in more than 80 theaters across the country. 

However, fans in the United Kingdom will have more limited access, with the film being showcased in only six theaters within the region. With the film being 19 minutes, some fans have questioned the film’s duration.

One fan wrote, “Just bought tickets to a theater 1.5 hours away. Just learned that this is only a 19 minute film. Refund otw….”  Russ defended his creative decision by saying:

“Some of the best and most critically acclaimed short films are less than 15 minutes. 38 minutes is not the gold standard for short films.”

The anticipation for the short film is palpable among other fans, with many expressing their excitement on social media. One user remarked, “Russ is going to change the music industry. Calling it now.” Another eagerly shared, “I can’t wait for other people to experience this!!! It is absolutely beautiful.” 

Russ’ Epic Album Promo

The “Losin Control” rapper also made headlines by publicly calling out Billboard, accusing them of potentially depriving him of thousands of sales for his latest album. 

Additionally, Russ has consistently demonstrated his creativity in marketing strategies for his projects. In a recent promotion for his album, the rapper unveiled a grand marketing stunt in Dubai, showcasing an enormous CGI representation of his album designed to resemble a classic vinyl record. 

Travis Scott Releases ‘Circus Maximus’

The collaboration between hip-hop artists and cinema has proven successful in the past. Travis Scott recently joined forces with indie film company A24 for his movie Circus Maximus, which also incorporated the promotion of his latest album, UTOPIA.

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