Superstar Pride, Known for Viral Hit “Painting Pictures,” Charged with Murder

Superstar Pride, Known for Viral Hit “Painting Pictures,” Charged with Murder

Memphis rapper Cadarrius Pride, popularly known as “Superstar Pride,” has been charged with first-degree murder following a shooting incident that took place in Panola County, outside of Dallas, Texas. The incident occurred on Wednesday, July 19, and the victim, 40-year-old Marcus Wheatley, tragically lost his life to a gunshot wound.

Pride Chased Victim Out Of Home, Says Grandmother

According to accounts from the Panola County Sheriff’s Office, Mary Ann Strong, Wheatley’s grandmother, was present during the shooting and witnessed Pride entering the home before chasing her grandson out with a gun.  Strong said Wheatley was pursued by Pride and shot at multiple times before he was caught.

 “The young man was shooting at him and he finally shot him down,” she said.  She says Pride left in his red pickup truck, which was found abandoned in Pope, Miss.

As authorities launched a fugitive investigation to locate Pride, Chief Deputy Reginald Lantern was contacted by family members, who informed him that the rapper wanted to surrender. Later that day, Pride surrendered to Deputy Lantern and was subsequently taken into custody, now facing the serious charge of first-degree murder.

Shooting May Be Linked To Music Video Rift

Pride’s father, Jeffery Anderson, expressed shock and confusion at his son’s alleged actions, stating, “It’s still something that’s got to be looked into to see what all transpired. As of now, it’s just so early.” 

Meanwhile, Wheatley’s grandmother believes that the shooting may have been triggered by a disagreement during Pride’s music video shoot in California. According to her, Wheatley refused to participate, which allegedly led to tensions between the two men. 

“He wanted Marcus to follow him and he couldn’t do it,” said his grandmother. “He couldn’t help him make no more money.”

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