SOHH Exclusive: K Camp Talks “Renegade,” His Soundon Partnership & Latest Moves After “Pretty Ones” Tour

SOHH Exclusive: K Camp Talks “Renegade,” His Soundon Partnership & Latest Moves After “Pretty Ones” Tour

After completing his Pretty Ones tour in Atlanta, K Camp took time to sit down with SOHH. The Atlanta rapper discussed his latest moves and the success of his viral hit “Renegade.”

K Camp recently concluded his Pretty Ones tour at the Centerstage Arena in Atlanta on April 24. SOHH had the opportunity to sit down with the Atlanta rapper to discuss his latest moves, as well as the success of his viral hit “Renegade.”


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K Camp Talks With SOHH

K Camp recently signed a partnership deal with Soundon and discussed how the collaboration would help him achieve greater success as a solo artist.

“I’m just at a different stage in my career, I had to evolve into an artist, CEO, businessman, and entrepreneur. I’m officially the boss, I gotta make the calls, I gotta step up and do the right deals that’s best for me.”

When asked about being presented with  challenges to overcome after the success of his viral TikTok hit “Renegade,” K Camp said: 

“I feel like that’s the game, I aint gon’ lie to you, I still feel like I don’t get the credit I deserve for this game and what I contributed to this game, and I’m pretty sure a thousand other artists feel the same way.” 

Previously in his career, K Camp had a disagreement with Prairie View A&M University when some students expressed their dissatisfaction with his performance at their homecoming in 2019. Consequently, K Camp released a diss track targeting the school.

K Camp also added that fans showing up to his performances is all the credit he needs and for that, he is grateful. 

During the show, The “Money Baby” artist took time out to pass out flowers to his audience. He also performed his 2020 hit “What’s On Your Mind” with R&B star Jacquees. Jacquees previously worked with K Camp on his 2020 album K.I.S.S. 5

The Scoop On “Pretty Ones”

K Camp named his tour after his single “Pretty Ones,” featuring B-Lovve. When asked to describe his version of a “Pretty One,” K Camp gave his response:

“Somebody who won’t get on my damn nerves,” he said jokingly. He would then list other qualities such as being loyal, beautiful, knowing how to cook, and also have pretty teeth and good hygiene. 

The final question posed to K Camp was whether his latest single “Pretty Ones” would achieve the same level of viral success as his previous hit “Renegade,” which was accompanied by a viral dance challenge.

“I pray it do, but I can’t call it,” K Camp said. He also mentioned that he didn’t intend “Renegade’ to be viral or have millions of people dance to it but hopes that he will have another song go viral in his career. 

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