Snoop Dogg & Latto Discuss Female Rap In Candid Conversation

Snoop Dogg & Latto Discuss Female Rap In Candid Conversation

Snoop Dogg and Latto recently engaged in a candid conversation about the evolving landscape of female hip-hop during their “Musicians on Musicians” cover shoot for Rolling Stone. The two artists shared their perspectives on the increased prominence of female rappers in the industry, with Snoop cautioning the 777 artist about the potential pitfalls of rap beef. 

‘Musicians on Musicians’

Snoop Dogg and Latto had an open conversation about the current state of female hip-hop. In the insightful exchange, Snoop, a hip-hop veteran at 52, imparted valuable advice to the 24-year-old Latto.

The hip-hop icon also emphasized the importance of business acumen and advised the “Muwop” rapper not to let such conflicts impede her career progress.

As the the two artists spoke for their “Musicians on Musicians” cover shoot at United Recording Studios in Hollywood for Rolling Stone, they both agreed that female rappers have gained more prominence now compared to the past.

Snoop Schools Latto

However, the “Livin’ My Best Life” rap veteran warned Latto about falling into the trap of rap beef. In their conversation, Snoop Dogg advised Latto to avoid engaging in rap beef with other artists.

He emphasized the importance of unity among female rappers and recounted how the music industry in the past encouraged division among artists from different regions.:

“You guys have to understand that here’s where the bullshit comes in. They going to make y’all fight each other. That’s what they made us do. They didn’t want us to join hands and say, ‘Hey, East Coast, West Coast, down South. I love your music.’ You from the South. I love your shit. Why I got to hate you from down there? That’s what they’ll put into y’all Kool-Aid.” 

The Los Angeles rap icon also advised Latto to be a “better businesswoman and to not let rap beef slow her career down.” Latto responded with, “And we fall for the trap,” agreeing that female rap is very divisive.

Users on social media reacted to Snoop and Latto’s conversation. 

One user commented  “Snoop was trying to tell her to stop being a hater but indirectly,” and another commented, “ I think about this also. Like imagine how powerful female rapper industry would be if they didn’t beef at all and they just supported and hyped each other.”

Latto’s Rap Beef

Latto had been involved in several beefs in her career. In 2021, the Atlanta native was dragged by users on social media after rap superstar Nicki Minaj unfollowed her on Instagram.

Big Latto went to her Twitter page and didn’t hold back. She ended up having the last laugh on folks believing the Queen of Rap unfollowed her when – in reality – Minaj admitted she was just adjusting her IG page. The “Big Energy” rapper would later respond to trolls, but would later be involved in a beef with Nicki due to a past disagreement.  

In February 2023, Nicki was accused of throwing shade at Latto  for posting Latto’s alleged boyfriend and Atlanta rapper 21 Savage singing her song “Right By My Side.” Users on social media accused Nicki of being “petty” towards Latto.

In October 2023, Latto along with other female rap stars Sexyy Red and Ice Spice were in a back-and-forth about who made True Religion Jeans “hot again.”

Some Twitter (X) users asserted that Sexyy Red was responsible for revitalizing the brand’s popularity. However, this assertion was met with disagreement, as some pointed out that Latto had previously showcased the brand in her music videos. Ice Spice then reinforced this argument by sharing a fan’s post, highlighting her own use of the brand in her “In Ha Mood” video as evidence to counter Sexyy Red’s claim.

Snoop & Latto Talk Today’s Hip-Hop

Snoop Dogg and Latto also highlighted the lack of promotion for genuine talent in today’s hip-hop industry. 

They lamented that artists with true talent often go unnoticed, while generic and unoriginal music becomes popular. In fact, Bow Wow is one of the latest artists to say that current rap lacks originality and that today’s rappers need artist development. 

Furthermore, The Doggfather artist emphasized his sustained success in the industry, crediting it to his active engagement in diverse business ventures and partnerships. Snoop also hinted that his longevity in the industry was partly due to his strategic business endeavors.

Notable business deals that Snoop has promoted or invested in include Bic, Jack In The Box, Skechers, Petco, Dr. Bombay Ice Cream, and more.

Latto & Snoop On The Move

In other news related to Latto, she recently donated $35,000 to her former high school, Lovejoy High School, during their homecoming celebration. The rap sensation also treated the students to Wingstop

In addition, Snoop Dogg has recently collaborated with country music star Chris Stapleton to create a new theme song for Monday Night Football. The song is a remix of Phil Collins‘ 1981 hit, “In the Air Tonight.”

J. Cole Praises Female Rap

Another rapper who has commented on the current state of female rap is J. Cole. In an interview with Kevin Hart, the rapper praised today’s female rappers, describing them as “fire.” He acknowledged the accomplishments of female artists in the industry.

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