‘SNL’ Actress Reveals Engagement During ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

‘SNL’ Actress Reveals Engagement During ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

Saturday Night Live alum Cecily strong is engaged, she announced on Wednesday night. The comedian was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers where she cracked plenty of jokes about her love life and in the process of sharing this good news. She even took a swipe at Meyers, pretending he had teased her when they were co-stars.

“I know… You always said, ‘No one will ever love you and you will never get married’ – you were wrong!” Strong told Meyers, who laughed. Strong then shared the story of how her boyfriend, Jack, proposed to her back in December with a couple of false starts. She noted that many people are not surprised why the big question finally comes, but her case was extreme. She shared the story of how she found out for sure that a proposal was coming when Jack tried to show her something on his phone.

“One day he was like, ‘I’m so inundated with emails and texts, look at this,’ and he showed me his phone, and the first text was from a friend that said, ‘How did it go?! Ring emoji,'” Strong said. “And then I was like, ‘Oh no, should I…?’ And he went, ‘Did you see that?’ And I was like, ‘I could try very hard to lie, but…’ So then I knew.”

Strong said that she consoled Jack that she would still await the surprise of when and where he decided to propose, but she couldn’t wait long. She said: “I still, then, took that from him. I was like, ‘whenever you want to do it – that will be the surprise.’ And then I had kind of a rough night in December, and I was like, ‘Can I just wear the damn ring now?’ And that’s how we got engaged.”

This story was some of the clearest information fans have gotten on Jack since Strong began dating him. They have kept their romance out of the public eye for the most part, although in April of 2020 Strong did write about the romance in an essay for Vulture. The essay was also about the unexpected loss of a close cousin, and how Strong grappled with her mixed emotions and had to consciously choose to enjoy her romance even while she overcame her grief.

Strong was on Late Night promoting her new off-Broadway play Brooklyn Laundry, which has tickets available throughout the first two weeks of April now. She has not announced any plans for a big celebrity wedding.


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