Sauce Walka Updates Fans On His Recovery Following High-Speed Police Chase

Sauce Walka Updates Fans On His Recovery Following High-Speed Police Chase

Sauce Walka has been discharged from the hospital after a high-speed police chase that resulted in a car accident. The Houston rapper recently took to social media to update fans on his recovery.

Sauce Walka Hospitalized

On Wednesday, Dec. 6, Sauce Walka was arrested and subsequently hospitalized due to injuries sustained in a severe car accident following a high-speed chase with law enforcement. 

The rapper allegedly attempted to evade the police for over two miles, reaching unimaginable speeds of 130 miles per hour before losing control of his vehicle. The car flipped over four times, leaving Walka’s Jeep Trackhawk completely totaled.

Houston Police Department swiftly took action, charging Sauce Walka with evading arrest with a vehicle. 

On Dec. 8, during his court appearance, the initial bond of $15,000 was revoked, and the judge increased it to $35,000. Court documents indicate that Walka was taken back into custody by the sheriff. 

‘Highly Favored’ & ‘Highly Flavored’

In a video shared shortly after his release, Sauce Walka emerged from the totaled car as he  proclaimed, 

“I’m blessed, highly favored, and highly flavored. I don’t know how I do it everytime but I come out untouched. It’s the God I am. I just wanna say thank you to the Universe, thank you to the stars, thank you to everything in this Universe that brought me out to this situation safe, because I could’ve lost my life. I’ve been livin’ wild for along ass time, Imma try to calm down because I know I’m a role model and people look up to me and follow me but Imma continue to drip the sauce.” 

Walka’s reasoning for engaging in the dangerous chase came to light as he claimed he felt targeted by the Houston Police Department. According to KPRC 2 Houston, he said:

“I thought I was getting profiled, I thought they were trying to get me.” 

Despite his brush with danger, Sauce Walka wasted no time embracing his freedom. He was spotted attending rapper Rod Wave‘s concert in Houston on Thursday night, Dec. 7,  the day after his release.

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Sauce Walka Hospitalized After High-Speed Police Chase

Sauce Walka recently found himself in a dangerous situation as he was involved in a high-speed police chase in Houston. The rapper reportedly reached speeds of 130 miles per hour in an attempt to flee from police, ending in a violent crash. 

Sauce Walka In High-Speed Chase

Sauce Walka, whose real name is Albert Walker Mondane, was recently involved in a high-speed police chase in Houston, TX. 

After reaching speeds of 130 miles per hour, Sauce Walka’s reckless attempt to evade police ended in a violent crash that left him hospitalized. The court documents detail his evasion from law enforcement for over two miles before the harrowing accident. The vehicle involved in the chase was a Trackhawk, which tumbled over four times, leaving Sauce Walka to be sent to the hospital and handcuffed to a hospital bed. 

‘I Appreciate Y’all’

Despite his confinement, the rapper’s spirits remain high as he addressed his fans through a phone call on Instagram. In the call, he stated:

“I wanna tell all my fans, I appreciate y’all for y’alls   Right now I’m incarcerated, I should be getting out soon, Imma drop a video for y’all.. I know ya’ll miss me. It might drop tonight or tomorrow.” 

The news of Sauce Walka’s incident quickly spread, prompting an outpouring of support and calls for his freedom from his fans. 

Many took to social media writing, “Free Sauce Walka,” as one fan named Ocho_Loko wrote, “I can’t lie that Sauce Walka news hurts. That TSF Rico plus pure stupidity prolly bout to take away one of the most talented artists Houston ever seen.”

His first court appearance is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 8, where the charges of evading arrest or detention – motor vehicle, watercraft, or tire deflation device will be addressed. 

Legal Woes

This is not the rapper’s first encounter with legal troubles, as he has previously faced affiliation-related issues.

 In 2022, Sauce Walka’s crew, the Sauce Factory, faced a RICO charge involving drug trafficking, gun possession, and a “glock switch.” However, Sauce Walka himself was not directly implicated in the case. The FBI charged more than ten members of the Sauce Factory with the RICO offenses.

Tiffany Haddish Arrested

Another celebrity who recently found herself involved in legal troubles stemming from incidents with cars is comedian Tiffany Haddish. She was arrested on DUI charges in Beverly Hills, California, shortly after Thanksgiving, marking her second DUI dispute.

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