Kid Cudi Set To Star & Direct Trippy Animated Film ‘Slime’

Kid Cudi Set To Star & Direct Trippy Animated Film ‘Slime’

Kid Cudi is making more waves in the film industry. The rapper has taken on the roles of star and director in the upcoming animated film, Slime. 


Announced on Tuesday, Dec. 5, Kid Cudi has teamed up with animator Jeron Braxton and writer Brian Ash, known for their work on The Boondocks, to produce and write the script for the new animated feature, Slime. 

The film, which will be produced under Cudi’s production company, Mad Solar and Alex Lebovici’s Hammerstone Studios promises to be a classic monster movie with a dystopian-horror twist. Described as “wickedly satirical, scary as hell, and trippy AF,” Slime is set to push boundaries and captivate audiences with its unique visuals and storytelling.

The news of the animated film has left fans excited and eager for its release as one user named @zap3__ wrote, “Cud is really changing the game and i’m all on board! DAMN.” Another fan named @avinger_jr wrote, “Can’t wait!!!! This movie is gonna be hard!! And soundtrack as well. Just like Entergalactic movie.” 

‘I’m Always Looking For What’s New’

Speaking about his collaboration with Jeron Braxton, Kid Cudi expressed his excitement, stating:

“I’m always looking for what’s new and always trying to elevate what we know about music, film, TV, and animation. Jeron is a powerhouse creative at the forefront of culture, pushing boundaries with everything he does. I’m grateful to have him on the team and am ready to see him bring Slime to life. Mad Solar, we here.”

With his previous success in the film industry, including an Emmy nomination for his Netflix animated film Entergalactic, Kid Cudi is no stranger to pushing artistic boundaries, alongside his involvement in the new animated series Young Love, with actress Issa Rae.

Cardi B & Family Join ‘Baby Shark’

Hip-hop and cinema continue to merge, as Kid Cudi follows in the footsteps of other rappers venturing into the world of animation. Recently, Cardi B, her husband Offset, and their children, Kulture and Wave, joined the cast of a Nickelodeon production, Baby Shark’s Big Movie.

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