Pluto TV Is Making a Big Change

Pluto TV Is Making a Big Change

Pluto TV is looking a little different. Paramount’s free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) service kicked off the new year by debuting an all-new look, Pluto TV undertaking a refresh of its brand, including debuting an updated logo for the first time in four years, as it nears its 10th anniversary.

“We know from our research that more often than not, audiences come to Pluto because they want to feel a certain way. It provides a sense of ease and comfort among an overwhelming number of streaming and content choices,” Valerie Kaplan, Global SVP, Head of Consumer Marketing, Pluto TV, said of the brand refresh. “Our refreshed brand identity and design system brings to life that promise to our consumers that Pluto provides a world of premium entertainment that orbits around you. And it does so in a bold, modern way that is unique, recognizable, and memorable… something that can stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive category.”

The brand refresh, described internally, according to Deadline, as Pluto “moving into its third act, was supervised by the design firm Gretel and features changes aimed at presenting a “bold and simple” look with cleaner visuals and a brighter palette. The refresh includes a new logo, font, and motion graphics.

The brand’s previous logo, was created by Senior Vice President of Marketing Fran Hazeldine in 2020 and featured Pluto TV Sans, a custom sans serif typeface, in bold lowercase letters, with the “P” and “O” followed by the circle around the “tv” at the end of the logo meant to create “a planetary echo. Almost like you’re en route to Pluto throughout the logo,” Pluto TV said at the time. The updated logo now features boasts a new font titled tilted at a 22-degree angle, a number significant for Paramount, as its film studio’s longtime mountain logo features 22 stars. The updated logo also puts “Pluto” in black lettering sitting in a yellow circle, with “tv” to the side in yellow lettering amid a black background. According to Além da Tela, the new logo was launched on some Android devices on Jan. 26.

The refresh, which according to Deadline will debut during the company’s Super Bowl broadcast on CBS, Nickelodeon and Paramount+, is part of a larger effort “to position Pluto as the progenitor of free, ad-supported streaming television,” which has grown into a multi-billion-dollar revenue generator in recent years. Paramount is reportedly looking to give Pluto TV “a boost” in the market with an ad spot during the company’s Super Bowl broadcast on CBS, Nickelodeon, and Paramount+ (you can subscribe here) on Feb. 11.


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