Nicki Minaj Fiercely Stands Her Ground In Her PF2 Era

Nicki Minaj Fiercely Stands Her Ground In Her PF2 Era

Nicki Minaj has been “standing on business” since the drop of her highly anticipated album, Pink Friday 2.  The Queen of Rap hasn’t let up during her Pink Friday 2 era, from her recent social media exchange with Cardi B to calling out industry figures. 

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‘Take Your Man To A Park!’

In response to those she feels are “attacking” her, Nicki Minaj has not held back in expressing her thoughts. The recent drama unfolded when Cardi B took to social media to address her seemingly failing marriage with rapper Offset, where she is heard breaking down crying via Instagram Live. 

Allegedly, the Queens-bred rapper posted a photo of Michael Jackson smiling and hanging out of a car window following the live, as Cardi B seemingly responded to Nicki with:

“Take your man to a park and leave me the f*ck alone!” alluding to Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, being a child sex offender.

Nicki Goes OFF On DJ Envy

Nicki Minaj also addressed DJ Envy,  as one of her fans named @__Thankyounextt wrote a tweet saying:

“Why we can’t never be just fans? Why we can’t just support our girl? Why is it so much pocket watching when it comes to the barbz? Why the politics? We don’t ask ya’ll for nothing. Not even fair treatment. When the goal post is consistently being moved the we adjust and still show out!”

Minaj responded:

“Remember how cocky dj envy was when he was saying he black balls my music on the radio? Ask yourself how a DJ could get away w/that behavior. Then I remember him selling them busted houses & I have to laugh…We prayed, envy 1 by 1… God will show y’all that you are NOT GOD. #PinkFriday2.” 

‘Are You OK?’

Then, on Friday, December 15, Nicki Minaj took to Instagram to call out Elliott Wilson, CEO and founder of Rap Radar, who also has ties with music streaming platform, Tidal as a journalist. 

Nicki Minaj stated in the live session:

“I remember when Red Ruby [Da Sleeze] came out, the n*gga gonna tweet, it’s good but it isn’t gonna cross over. Some stupid clown sh*t like what the- I didn’t ask you n*gga. Are you ok? I’ve been being so nice, I don’t think ya’ll realize how nice I’ve been being. So, all I ask is for respect, that’s all. I’ve never disrespected you, I’ve done an interview.. I think I did two. Where all you do is laugh like an ugly goof. You know, but that’s okay, but I’m just saying…leave my name and my photos off your f*cking Twitter finger ass.”

‘Hip-Hop Journalism’

The “Big Difference” rapper also continued in the live:

“You know how many tweets I’ve seen you post disrespecting me, Idiot Wilson. All of ya’ll, for some reason, when y’all are around certain people, ya’ll feel that ya’ll have this power.” She then spotted a comment that alleged that Elliott came at Drake, where she responded saying, “I didn’t know he came at Drake, I must’ve missed it. Came at Drake for what? Nobody owes you sh*t, h*e n*gga.” Nicki then exclaimed, “F*ck you!” Why when ya’ll have an affiliation to Jay-Z in some sort of way, ya’ll be thinking that, ya’ll can disrespect and violate.”

Prior, Nicki expressed on Twitter:

“‘Elliot if you’d spit JayZ dikk out for one second, you’d be able to be happy for the new comers. Isn’t that how ya’ll tried to tarnish my image? By saying I’m not welcoming new btchs in? Did songs with all of them tho. Why you not happy for a young black man like Kai. Tmrw btch.”

This comes after Elliott posted a screenshot of Nicki Minaj being featured on popular livestreamer Kai Cenat’s livestream, where she was seen twerking. He titled the photo, “Hip-Hop Journalism.”

No ‘New Body’?

As for the reason why the feature on Kanye West‘s “New Body” isn’t “happening,” Nicki Minaj addressed it in her Instagram Live, saying:

“Chile, that train has left the station. No disrespect, anyway I just put out a brand new album, why would I put out a song that has been out for 3 years. C’mon guys.” 

This decision also resulted in the postponement of Kanye West’s joint album, “Vultures,”  with Ty Dolla $ign, because Nicki refused to clear the song.

Ye also shared a screenshot of his text conversation with Nicki Minaj regarding her verse on “New Body.” In the text, West wrote:

“Hi, it’s ye. May I call you about clearing ‘New Body’ on the new album.” Kanye discussed Nicki Minaj not clearing her verse for “New Body” in a video, stating, “I made that girl rewrite her verse 3 times for ‘Monster.’ I supported her career. So I don’t know what it is.”

Meg Goes OFF On Pardi

Amidst all this drama, another influential female artist, Megan Thee Stallion, has also been vocal about recent issues in the industry. Taking to her Instagram Live, she called out her ex-boyfriend Pardison Fontaine, Tory Lanez, and addressed allegations involving her ex-best friend, Kelsey Harris.

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