From Rapper To Reformer: Jay-Z Leads Change With $24M REFORM Charity Benefit

From Rapper To Reformer: Jay-Z Leads Change With $24M REFORM Charity Benefit

Pennsylvania’s probation system has officially undergone a transformative shift with the passage of Senate Bill 838 thanks to influential figures such as Meek Mill, Jay-Z, and Michael Rubin. Philadelphia Governor Josh Shapiro is set to sign this bill into law in an upcoming special ceremony.

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Jay-Z Walks The Talk 

In October 2023, a star-studded charitable event hosted by Jay-Z, Meek Mill, and Michael Rubin raised $24 million. 

On Dec. 15, the impact of this fundraising was realized as Senate Bill 838, aimed at reforming Pennsylvania’s probation system, will be signed into law by Governor Josh Shapiro. Change has come to Pennsylvania’s probation system with the help of notable names like Meek Mill, Jay-Z, and Michael Rubin.  

A special ceremony will be held in Philadelphia, where Governor Shapiro will sign the bill into law, joined by Meek, Rubin, and other advocates.

In a historic moment, Senate Bill 838, aimed at reforming Pennsylvania’s probation system, has been passed and is now awaiting Governor Josh Shapiro’s signature. 

What Will This Change?

The significance of this bill signing is not lost on Meek Mill, as he hails from Pennsylvania and has become a vocal advocate for criminal justice reform. 

The bill serves as an emblem of REFORM’s birth story, an organization that aims to address the flaws and injustices within the justice system. Meek Mill’s unjust incarceration served as a catalyst, sparking the #FreeMeek movement and highlighting the millions of Americans negatively impacted by an unfair judicial system.

SB 838 brings about essential reforms that will positively impact over 300,000 individuals on probation in the coming five years. These reforms include limitations on sending individuals to prison for technical violations, the implementation of early termination protocols for probation terms, incentives for maintaining employment and pursuing education, personalized probation conditions, and considering individuals’ financial situations regarding fines, fees, and restitution.

The Values 

The success of the REFORM Alliance, which is also spearheaded by the Philly rapper, Michael Rubin, and Jay-Z, is evident through their core values of spark, reaction, and results. 

Meek Mill’s unjust imprisonment six years ago ignited international outrage and led to his eventual release. This prompted a group of leaders from various domains to come together and launch the REFORM Alliance, which aims to transform probation and parole systems for millions of other Americans.

Since its inception nearly five years ago, the organization has played a crucial role in passing 17 transformative bipartisan bills in multiple states, providing countless individuals with opportunities to rebuild their lives outside the justice system.

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Star-Studded Casino Event Hosted By Jay-Z, Meek Mill & Michael Rubin Raises $24 Million For Criminal Justice Reform

In a star-studded and charitable affair, Jay-Z, Meek Mill, and Michael Rubin, alongside other A-list attendees, hosted an exclusive casino event to raise funds for criminal justice reform. The event was an impressive success, generating over $24 million. 

Casino Night With HOV

On Saturday, Sept. 30, the REFORM Alliance hosted its first-ever Casino Night Event at the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City. With the event’s invite-only policy and a guest list filled with A-list celebrities, the evening captured attention and raised significant funds for criminal justice reform. 

The star-studded affair, led by REFORM co-chairs Michael Rubin, Meek Mill, and founding partner Jay-Z, highlighted the organization’s mission where they work to reshape the nation’s supervision system for nearly 4 million individuals on probation or parole. The black-tie affair aimed to support the important work of REFORM Alliance in transforming the nation’s supervision system for those on probation or parole. 

With their joint efforts, the trio and their supporters made a significant stride towards creating opportunities for work and well-being instead of perpetuating a revolving door back to prison.

Raising Awareness & Funds

The event, emceed by the hilarious Kevin Hart, attracted a host of notable celebrities, including legendary rapper Lil Kim, Travis Scott, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Quavo, Jack Harlow and more in attendance. These influential figures came together to support the REFORM Alliance’s efforts in creating pathways to work and well-being for millions of individuals on probation or parole.

One of the highlights of the evening was the thrilling final blackjack hand played on-stage for all the guests. The excitement culminated in a $1 million win by Andrew Goldberg, managing partner of TAO GROUP, who generously announced a $750,000 donation from his winnings to further support the work of REFORM Alliance.

Throughout the dinner program, the organization’s remarkable achievements were celebrated. 

The focus on public safety solutions has already contributed to the passage of 17 bipartisan bills in 11 states. These legislative victories have paved the way for nearly 700,000 individuals to transition out of the justice system, breaking the cycle of incarceration.

A Night of Philanthropy & Entertainment

The event offered attendees the opportunity to bid on unique items generously donated by NFL player Tom Brady, George Condo, Rashid Johnson, and Jay-Z himself, where the auction raised a staggering $7.8 million.

Following the live auction, surprise performances took center stage. Rappers Travis Scott, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Fat Joe, Lil Durk, Quavo, French Montana, Fabolous, and Romeo Santos added to the event with their appearances. 

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Jay-Z To Host $1M Charity Blackjack Party For REFORM Alliance

Jay-Z is making headlines once again with his latest charitable endeavor. The hip-hop mogul/philanthropist will host the highly anticipated REFORM Alliance’s Casino Night and Gala Event in Atlantic City. The event aims to raise funds for the REFORM Alliance, an organization dedicated to reforming probation and parole laws. 

Jay-Z’s Ode To Philanthropy 

On Saturday, September 30, Jay-Z will host the highly anticipated REFORM Alliance’s Casino Night and Gala Event at the luxurious Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City. Over the years, Hov has actively advocated for criminal justice reform. 

Jay-Z has made significant strides in this area through his REFORM Alliance, which includes board members Michael Rubin and Meek Mill, he has made significant strides in this area. The alliance has successfully advocated for the passage of 17 bipartisan bills in 11 states, benefiting nearly 700,000 individuals.

The Tournament

The centerpiece of the upcoming event is a high-stakes blackjack tournament, with a whopping $1 million jackpot. Ocean Casino and Resort has generously donated this impressive sum to support the cause. 

To participate in the tournament, a minimum buy-in of $100,000 is required, while non-tournament attendance requires a minimum buy-in of $50,000. The exclusive event will be limited to a guest list of just 300 individuals.

Additionally, the evening will also feature an after-party with a star-studded lineup of performers, although details about these entertainers are yet to be announced. Kevin Hart will serve as the emcee for the night, ensuring a lively and entertaining atmosphere throughout. 

Among the distinguished VIP guests expected to grace the event are Jay-Z’s wife, Beyoncé, along with other fellow musicians Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, Megan Thee Stallion, and more. 

Jay- Z’s Non-Stop Moves

Jay-Z’s foray into the world of casinos is not new. Through his company Roc Nation, he advocated for the construction of a casino in New York City’s Times Square, showcasing the rapper’s interest in the industry. 

Shedding light on the harsh realities of the United States prison system, the Brooklyn native collaborated with Yo Gotti on a documentary titled Exposing Parchman. The film aims to expose the inhumane treatment of prisoners and systemic issues prevalent within the notorious Parchman Penitentiary.

JT’s No Bars

Similarly, JT from City Girls, another prominent figure, has made notable contributions to prison reform. She recently launched a website called No Bars to assist women in prison rehabilitation, further highlighting the importance of this pressing issue.

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