New AI Drake & The Weeknd Song Pulled From The Internet + How Can Artists Protect Their Sound?

New AI Drake & The Weeknd Song Pulled From The Internet + How Can Artists Protect Their Sound?

After going viral, a song created by AI featuring the vocals of Drake and The Weeknd was removed from the internet. As technology continues to replace human talent, record labels are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of AI on the music industry.

After going viral, a song featuring the vocals of Drake and The Weeknd that was created using AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been removed from the internet, sparking concerns among artists and record labels. As AI continues to evolve, there are growing fears that technology could soon replace human musicians and fundamentally change the way music is created and distributed.

Drake & The Weeknd AI Song Raises Major Concerns

The song titled, “Heart on My Sleeve,” featured the AI version of Drake rapping along with The Weeknd’s voice singing right after.

In the AI verse, Drake, who recently announced his upcoming “It’s All A Blur” tour,  included a namedrop of Atlanta rapper 21 Savage, who Drake collaborated with for their joint album, Her Loss. The Weeknd comes in after and sings about ex-girlfriend and fellow singer Selena Gomez and fast cars in his AI verse.

“Heart On My Sleeve” was originally shared by TikTok user Ghostwriter1977. At the beginning of the song, it also featured star producer Metro Boomin’s tagline, “If young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you.” 

According to a Rolling Stone article, the song was released on Spotify and Apple Music on April 4 and had 11 million views before it was taken down on April 17. It sparked major concerns from labels such as Universal Music Group and Republic Records.

Record labels Universal and Republic Records have reportedly requested that a song featuring the vocals of Drake and The Weeknd, which was created using artificial intelligence (AI), be removed from Spotify and Apple Music due to concerns over copyright infringement. 

Drake is signed with Universal while The Weeknd is signed to Republic Records. This move highlights the growing concern among record labels about the legal implications of AI-generated music, and how it may affect the industry in the future.

How Can Artists Protect Their Sound?

In March, a coalition named the Human Artistry Campaign was started to go against AI technology being used to replace humans, but rather to support it and support human work and talent. Supporters of the coalition include the Recording Industry Association of America, the National Music Publishers Association, the Recording Academy, and more. 

The goal of the Human Artistry Campaign is to ensure that AI music does not replace or “take over” actual music made by humans. If more artists join or support the campaign, their copyrights from music can be protected. 

Previously, the artist behind the AI rapper, FN Meka accused Capitol Records of disappearing on him and not delivering the end of their agreement. FN Meka was removed in August 2022 due to many in the Black community feeling the AI rapper was a modern-day racial stereotype. 

Recently, Bu Thiam, who is the Executive Vice President of Columbia Records, said in a statement to TMZ that the music industry should “embrace the technology,” even though it can be scary at times. Other artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West have had their likenesses used to manufacture new AI songs.

Drake & 21 Savage Settle Fake Vogue Cover Lawsuit

On February 16, rappers Drake and 21 Savage reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount that involved them using a fake Vogue cover during their rollout for their album Her Loss. A judge previously denied the fake cover can be used in November 2022.

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