‘NCIS’: Michael Weatherly Teases Details of Ziva and Tony’s Spinoff

‘NCIS’: Michael Weatherly Teases Details of Ziva and Tony’s Spinoff

Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David are coming back very soon, and Michael Weatherly has an update on the highly-anticipated spinoff. It was previously announced that Weatherly and Cote de Pablo would be reprising their beloved roles in a new NCIS spinoff for Paramount+. The untitled series would see the former NCIS agents on the run across Europe with their daughter after Tony’s security company is under attack.

Via The Sun, Weatherly gave an update on the spinoff during Entertainment Tonight’s NCIS-Verse: The First 1,000 special. He shared that he will soon be moving to Budapest to film the 10-episode first season. The series will also be picking up with Tony and Ziva raising their daughter Tali in Paris before the family has to go on the run. Little Tali, first seen as a toddler during her introduction in the Season 13 finale in 2016, will be a tween in the spinoff. As of now, it’s unknown if she will be played by the same actress.

More details surrounding the spinoff are still unknown, but it seems like filming is expected to kick off this summer. As for the title, the possibilities are endless, but hopefully, Paramount+ will reveal it very soon. At the very least, it sounds like the spinoff is well on its way to production, and when that happens, it will surely be exciting to see what comes of it. Seeing Tony and Ziva on the run across Europe is definitely an interesting concept, but just seeing them on screen together again will be better than nothing.

The spinoff will be the first time fans are seeing Tony and Ziva together since Cote de Pablo departed in Season 11. Michael Weatherly followed two seasons later after when Ziva was seemingly killed off. However, de Pablo returned in Season 16 and had a small arc in Season 17, revealing that she had faked her death. She revealed that Tony had found her, but she still wanted to keep him and Tali safe. Fast forward to Season 21, when Weatherly returned for the Ducky tribute episode, and he was quick to tease that more was on the way ahead of the spinoff’s announcement.

Fingers crossed more information on the Tony and Ziva is revealed soon, especially with production starting in the near future. The wait will be worth it, though, but in the meantime, fans can watch their favorite Tiva moments with all seasons of NCIS streaming on Paramount+.


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