Nas Teases New Album with Cryptic Dark Mode Instagram Post

Nas Teases New Album with Cryptic Dark Mode Instagram Post

Legendary rapper Nas has ignited excitement among his fans with a cryptic Instagram post that hints at a potential upcoming album. The post, featuring a black screen illuminated by lightning and thunder sounds, has generated buzz and anticipation in the hip-hop community.  Fans eagerly await more information about this mysterious project, which could mark another milestone in his illustrious career.

Nas Hints At Something “Dark” On The Horizon 

On July 12, Nas took to Instagram to share a captivating ten-second video with no caption. The video immediately caught the attention of his fans, as a black screen was momentarily illuminated by lightning, accompanied by the sound of thunder. In the midst of the lightning, Nas’ monogrammed “N” could be seen flashing on the screen, leaving viewers intrigued and speculating that a new album could be on the way.

Notably, producer Hit-Boy, who has collaborated with the Grammy winner on his last four hit albums, left a comment on the post that simply said “dark mode.” This cryptic hint from the producer suggests the possibility of another collaboration between the two artists and potentially alludes to the overall tone or theme of the forthcoming album.

Nas Fans React to Crytic Teaser

With over 21,000 likes and counting, the “Illmatic” icon’s Instagram post has generated a significant amount of buzz and excitement among his devoted fanbase. Many fans expressed their support and anticipation for a potential new album, eagerly waiting for more details from the renowned East Coast rapper.

One fan commented under the post, highlighting the impact and longevity of Nas’s career by stating, “we’re witnessing the illest run ever in Hip-Hop.” 

Nas Celebrates Hip-Hop 50th 

In celebration of Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary, Nas partnered with Hennessy, Hip-Hop’s most boasted and consumed cognac.  The tribute included the unveiling of a limited edition bottle featuring the clever wordplay HenNASsy, a tribute to the hip-hop icon and his contribution to the genre.  The Queens-born legend also teamed up with Sprite for a tribute to the soda brand’s longtime affiliation with Hip-Hop culture.

Lil Uzi Finally Drops Anticipated “Pink Tape”

Speaking of highly anticipated album releases, Lil Uzi Vert finally dropped his long-awaited “Pink Tape” album. Prior to the release, the Philadelphia rapper hosted a release party, further fueling the anticipation among his dedicated fanbase.

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