Michael Jackson’s Nephew To Portray Him In Biopic + 5 Other Relatives Of Late Legends Who Could Play Them In Films

Michael Jackson’s Nephew To Portray Him In Biopic + 5 Other Relatives Of Late Legends Who Could Play Them In Films

Michael Jackson’s nephew Jafaar Jackson was cast to play his uncle in a new film. It begs the question, are there relatives of other late musical icons that could believably play them in a film?

News broke that Jafaar Jackson – nephew of the late, great Michael Jackson – has been cast to play his legendary uncle in a new biopic simply titled Michael. The project is being helmed by Training Day and Emancipation director Antoine Fuqua.  

This casting choice certainly has precedence as C. J. Wallace, the son of late East Coast rapper Biggie Smalls, portrayed a young B.I.G in the 2007 drama Notorious.

This raises the question, are there other lesser-known relatives of late musical icons who could also play them in a film?

Lesser-Known Relatives Who Can Play Late Music Icons

Isaac Hayes III As Issac Hayes

As the son of the late soul singer, casting Issac Hayes III to play his father is a no-brainer. Not only does he have a musical background due to serving as a record producer for the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, but he’s also a voice actor who has lent his talents on episodes of the Adult Swim comedies Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies so he should be able to play the role perfectly.

Nasaan Holton As Proof

Nassan Holton, son of the late Detroit rapper Proof, is another inspired casting choice. Holton has followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming an established rapper and is currently signed with  DATYRP Records

If further proof was needed, he also edits and directs most of his music videos and has received a co-sign from Eminem, who was in D-12 with his father. 

DJ Jam Master J’Son As DJ Jam Master Jay

As can be surmised by his stage name, Jam Master J’Son is the son of late Run DMC member Jam Master Jay. Similarly to Nasaan, J’Son also took after his dad and worked as a disk jockey while he was enrolled in college.

After a countrywide tour deejaying with artist Mann, both J’Son and his younger brother became the official DJs for Run DMC at the Budweiser Made in America Festival, which was the first live performance by the surviving members of the influential hip-hop group Rev Run and Darryl McDaniels in more than a decade. 

Reigndrop Lopes As Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

One of the most well-regarded girl groups within the last 10-20 years is TLC. The four-time Grammy Award-winning Atlanta-based trio consists of Rozanda “Chili” Thomas, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, and formerly, the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

While the group was the subject of CrazySexyCool– a made-for-television movie starring Keke Palmer, Reigndrop has gone on record stating that the film was made without consulting or receiving input from her family. 

As a way to honor the family’s memory of Left Eye and show a more intimate portrayal of her, this would be a good move. In an Instagram live, Reigndrop celebrated what would have been Lisa’s 49th birthday, featuring her rapping along to her sister’s lines in a manner many viewers felt channeled her energy.

Gekyume Onfroy As XXXTentacion

Given that Gekyume Onfroy is only four years old, this is purely hypothetical if he does decide to work in the hip-hop scene like his late father. If a biopic on XXXTentacion is made sooner rather than later, perhaps pulling a Notorious and casting him as a young depiction of him could work as well. 

An old video uploaded on Instagram shows he was in a studio laying down what some would consider the start of a music career. 

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