Michael B. Jordan’s “Creed III” Debuts With Over $100M At The Box Office — The Top Grossing  Sports Movie Worldwide

Michael B. Jordan’s “Creed III” Debuts With Over $100M At The Box Office — The Top Grossing  Sports Movie Worldwide

Creed III  has officially racked in over $100M at the box office, making history since its release to theaters. The news is also a huge win for Michael B. Jordan, who also made his directorial debut in the groundbreaking film.

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After recently being honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, actor Michael B. Jordan received more good news. After making his feature directorial debut in Creed III, the film reached over $100M in its first week since its release on March 3.  

Creed III also became the first sports film to surpass $100 million in its first week.

Following Creed’s releases — Creed (2015) and Creed II (2018), the third installment in the franchise, now digs deeper into Adonis’ (Jordan) life tending to his family and career. It also introduces a former childhood friend and boxing prodigy, played by Jonathan Majors, who is released from prison and gearing up to face off with Adonis in the ring.

The latest movie generated $58.7 million in the U.S. and Canada, $41.8 million overseas, and one of the biggest worldwide openings for the franchise’s trilogy. 

The movie also seemed to attract a younger demographic of fans between ages 18-34, with 55% of them attributed as buyers of movie tickets worldwide. 

The 2015 and 2018 movies, which both debuted on Thanksgiving of those years, respectively earned $42.1 million and $56 million in five days. The first two films also made $100 million. Japan won’t get to see it until May 26.

Michael B. Jordan will also reportedly be tapped as a star to act alongside Will Smith in I Am Legend 2, reportedly in the works.

Michael B. Jordan Says J. Cole’s “Dreamville” Will Executive Produce “Creed III”

Over the weekend at ComplexCon, Michael B. Jordan made a surprise announcement about his new upcoming movie, Creed III. J. Cole’s label Dreamville will also executively produce the soundtrack for the upcoming film.

During a recent panel at ComplexCon, actor Michael B. Jordan announced that rap label Dreamville would be producing the soundtrack for the upcoming movie.

With his Creed III co-star Jonathan Majors, Michael B. Jordan shared the news with the audience, revealing Dreamville’s role in the movie.

“I’m probably going to get in trouble. Dreamville is executively producing this album,” Michael B. said.

Dreamville’s roster includes J.Cole, JID, singer Ari Lennox, rap duo Earthgang and more.

Creed III is set to hit theaters on March 3, 2023.

Jordan Drops The Official “Creed III” Trailer

Michael B. Jordan did not waste any time promoting his directorial debut and follow-up story in the Creed trilogy: Creed III. After sharing official character posters, the award-winning actor dropped the official trailer.

Michael B. Jordan returns as Adonis Creed while also making his directorial debut. 

The film will also be starring  Tessa Thompson and Wood Harris who are returning as Bianca and Little Duke, respectively. 

Jonathan Majors is introduced as a childhood friend of Adonis named Anderson Dame, who was incarcerated for nearly 20 years. 

Despite that, he’s been hitting the gym and wants Donny to take him under his wing.  When a sparring session goes wrong, Don realizes the old friend he once knew has drastically changed. 

As Anderson starts scoring wins in the ring, Adonis puts friendship aside and goes up against him.

Jordan Teases His Directorial Debut With “Creed III” Official Character Posters

Meanwhile, Jordan had a memorable day debuting character posters for the third entry in the Creed franchise and the ninth in the Rocky Balboa saga, Creed III.

The third film sees him going up against The Harder They Fall star and Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Jonathan Majors

The official synopsis for the film has been kept under wraps. Still, theories amongst fans believe Majors to be playing the son of Clubber Lang, a braggadocious heavyweight boxer played by Mr. T who starred in Rocky III

Given how the second film in Adonis’ story, Creed II, featured him going toe to toe with Ivan Drago’s son Viktor, it wouldn’t be farfetched for this to be the case.

Originally Written By: Michael Omoruan (11/21/22 at 3:10 pm). Additional reporting by Chris Samuel.

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